Casting: New York City, Chicago, Orlando, Miami



Le Reve: The Dream is currently seeking the following: gymnast, acrobats, martial arts specialist, diver, cheerleader, aerial artist, circus arts specialists, if you fall into these groups you will need to complete a strength test. They are also seeking synchronized swimmers, dancers and comedic actors. Le Reve has promised a fun filled audition process, in a very relaxed environment. All candidates will be required to pass a swim test, so you must be prepared with a swim suit, towel and goggles if needed. The swim test will consist of a controlled jump (feet first) from a 15 foot platform into the water, an endurance swim of 200 meters (non-stop), tread water for 10 minutes and 65 foot underwater swim without coming up for air.


The audition process for the Generalist (gymnasts, acrobats, trapeze and circus artist, divers, cheerleaders and martial artists) begin with a strength test. (Please do not bring apparatus or rigging as we do not watch any specific “act” during the audition process. Please feel free to submit your demo for review.) Our strength tests include:

  • Rope Climb – Climb to 10 feet using your arms only (legs in pike position as you climb up and down the rope, in a controlled arm over arm climb and ascend). Squat Thrusts – In a continuous movement for 45 seconds, you must go through a full squat position every time. Four-way Physio ball – With your shins holding the ball, you must hold a pushup position for one minute; then with your calves balancing on the ball, you must hold yourself in a flat position for one minute. With your legs crossed and ankles holding the ball, you must hold your body in a supported position from one elbow/forearm for 30 seconds and repeat on other side. Pushups – With your chest within four inches from the ground, men should complete 18 pushups and women 14 pushups. Weighted Squats – Holding 20 percent of your body weight, complete 20 squats in 30 seconds (knees at 90 degrees while keeping chest up). Skin the Cat – Must keep legs straight and feet cannot touch bar going through to the extended hanging position (only selected candidates will be asked to complete this exercise). Hanging Abdominal Crunch – Hanging from a bar, your hands must remain locked behind head and you must sit up and touch your elbows to the bar (your legs will be held for you). Hamstring Stretch – Hands must reach past your feet while standing on an elevated surface. Standing Long Jump – Men must jump eight feet and women six feet.


The audition process for a synchronized swimmer begins with a short routine taught by our aquatic choreographer. After that, you will be asked to improvise to two different kinds of musical selections. The first musical selection will be soft and melodic, and the next will be percussive or aggressive. On this improvisation, it is very important that you are not doing a synchro routine. We do not want to see movement that looks like stereotypical synchro; we want to see an emotional performance that is interesting to watch and captivating. Think about acting with your face and eyes, not impressing by executing technical synchro movements.

After some time in the pool, you will then be asked to complete the strength and endurance tests. Included in these tests is a specific test for “vertical skills.” We look for a high and stable vertical position. You will be required to hold the vertical position for 10 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. We will ask for five continuous repetitions of this exercise. These tests are designed to give us an idea of your capabilities.

After the strength tests for synchro swimmers, we move on to the dance portion of the audition. You will be taught a dance routine and then again, you will be asked to improvise to two different musical selections. We understand that this is not a comfort zone for synchronized swimmers, but it is important for us to see how a candidate interprets the music and takes theatrical direction.


The audition process for a dancer begins with the performance of a dance routine taught by our resident choreographer audition team. After that, you will be given some direction for improvised movement and asked to improvise to two different kinds of musical selections. The first musical selection will be soft and melodic and the next will be percussive or aggressive. This is a good time to showcase any special acrobatic or flexibility skills that you have, while focusing on the direction given for the performance.

Dancers will then be asked to complete a short series of strength tests designed to give us an idea of your capabilities.


We ask that all comedic actors come to the audition with a prepared comedic monologue that is no more than one minute in length and a physical, non-verbal comedic sketch. We usually will also do varied acting improvisational exercises.

Also, you will be asked to complete a short series of physical fitness and strength tests. You will be asked to demonstrate five regulation pull-ups (hanging from the bar, arms straight pulling up to a position with your chin over the bar and hands gripping the bar level with arm pits). You may grasp the bar in either direction as long as your hands are shoulder width apart.


Locations and Dates:

March 7th, New York City at 10 a.m.

March 9th, Chicago at 11 a.m.

April 26th, Orlando at 8:30 p.m.

April 29th, Miami at 10 a.m.


For more information please email with “Le Reve” in the subject line.

Casting: Chicago, Illinois


4 Star Casting is currently seeking talent for “The Exorcist” filming in Chicago. They are looking to fill multiple roles to shoot on March 3rd through Thursday March 31st, 2016. They are currently accepting photo submissions for the following roles:


Male, African American/Hispanic, Ages 12 – 14


Male/Female, Hispanic/African American, Ages 40 – 65


Male, African American, Ages 12 – 14


Female, African American, Ages 32 to 45


Female/Male, African American, Ages 6 to 8

For more information please email with “4 Star” in the subject line.

Casting: Gwinnett, Georgia

rose locke casting

Rose Locke Casting is seeking background talent for feature film “Baby Driver” starring Jamie Foxx. They are seeking male and female talent, ages 18 and older to portray shoppers. This will film in Gwinnett, GA on March 2nd. If you are selected talent will work an 8 hour day. The client is currently accepting photo submissions, for more information please email with “Baby Driver” in the subject line.

Casting: Miami, Florida

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.14.49 PM

All Around Talent is seeking qualified models for an upcoming Miami hair show, please read all below details:


WHAT: This is for an upscale hair model job. At a hair model job you will sit or stand there while industry professionals discuss your hair, take photos, and you get a new free hairdo.

AUDITION DATE: Friday February 19th (morning call)

WORK DATES – The job has prep on Saturday the 20th and works Sunday the 21st from 10am to 10pm

REQUESTED SIZE REQUIREMENTS – dress size 0-6, 5’7 or taller


AGE RANGE – legally 18 and appearing 30 or younger

MODEL BREAKDOWN – (please read below BEFORE registering)

We need female models that can walk the runway in heels. Models hair should be shoulder length to mid back or longer; all ethnicities; texture straight to slightly wavy; No fringe. No color work will be done; hair may be trimmed, if needed. The focus of this event is editorial styling. We need Blondes, Light Brown haired models; Strawberry Blondes, Red heads and brunettes with fine to medium texture HEALTHY hair. See styles below.

ADDITIONALLY, we will be booking 3 more models for a cover for an industry related magazine. You should be able to get some great work for your book from this.



  • 2 females, 1 male
  • would love models that are ethnically ambiguous
  • At least 1 blonde – can be the male or female
  • we need models with color that is in good shape and does not need additional color work. They won’t be able to prep color prior to the shoot
  • No fringes
  • Length to the mid back, some layering is ok
  • Medium density
  • Wavy to straight hair, no excessively curly hair

WORK DATE – February 22nd from 9:00am to 5:00pm

ANY & ALL possible changes will be discussed with a professional stylist at the model call for all jobs and agreed upon PRIOR to being booked. We cannot work with weaves, extensions, or wigs, chemically straightened hair, or henna treated hair.

For more information please email with “Miami” in the subject line.

Casting: Pelham, Alabama

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.22.43 AM

The Gardens of Pelham assisted living community, is seeking runway models for their first annual fashion show. They are seeking female models ages 14 and older, all ethnic backgrounds and all sizes. Hair and makeup will be provided by Mary Kay and local hair stylist. Clothing and accessories will be provided by local boutiques and Belk, models will need to provide their shoes and proper undergarments.  The runway show will be held on May 8th, 2016 from 3:00- 5:00pm. This show will be on a volunteer base, but would be really fun to do and a great way to practice on the runway. For more information please email with “Pelham” in the subject line.

Casting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Marilyn’s Agency is seeking two models one male and one female, for the upcoming “Serta” promotional event.  This event will take place the first week of March 2016, in Oklahoma City. They are seeking a male to wear the Serta mascot costume and one female model to escort the mascot around. The event will be held from 11:00 am- 5:00 pm. The client is currently accepting photo submissions and we are accepting male referrals for the mascot position. For more information please email placement with “Serta” in the subject line.

Casting: Nashville, Atlanta and Tampa


New York Models will be hitting the road in search for “New Faces” for the agency’s roster. They are seeking young women ages 15 and up, 5’8 or taller and wear a size 0-4. They are seeking confident models from all ethnic backgrounds. We are currently accepting photo submissions to send the client. Please see the below locations and dates:

Nashville: February 23rd- 24th

Atlanta: February 25th – 27th

Tampa: February 29th – March 1st   

Time slots and locations will be given to models once you submit your photo and statistics. For more information please email with “NYM” in the subject line.