Casting: New York, New York and Miami, Florida



Six Wolves ( will be casting for NIKE in New York February 17th-18th and in Miami February 20th. Shoot will last 2 to 5 days. Please contact for more information.


Please submit in advance if you match the following:

1. Primarily Female black models and interesting or European looking Female ALL ETHNICITIES models. Must look young, fresh, pulling no older than 23 years old, can be as young as 15 years old as long as looking like a mature high school student. Client really wants to see fresh faces that NIKE has never seen before.

2. Will also need Female Models ALL ETHNICITIES that are between a 34C – 36D bra size (natural) that are fit, not too skinny, visible muscle definition on arms and stomach.

THINK: Strong, Athletic, Effortless, Some Kind of Cool Edge, Energetic, Unique, Fun, A real Fashion Face and less Commercial, a bit tough/tomboy-ish but still feminine and beautiful, Toned, Fit with Style.

REQUIREMENTS: Ability to do movements including – yoga, stretch, push ups, running etc. – 3 min circuit of movements. Must be able to do 5-10 push ups while balancing on on one leg. Will come in preferably NIKE gear or flexible, fitted workout outfit with no other brand names showing. Must have USA visa.

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