Casting: National

disney-hs musical

Disney “High School Musical 4” is seeking qualified talent to appear as background talent for this feature film. They are conducting nationwide casting calls to search for lead roles in the upcoming feature film. Rudnicke Casting will be the casting company choosing the talent for “High School Musical 4”. They will be accepting video submissions for the first round of castings and clients will come into Chicago, where the movie will shoot to hold a person casting call. Talent should follow the specific submission details to be considered for a lead role. They are seeking young talent with strong acting abilities, but also can sing and dance. Rudnicke Casting will have talent sing a few bars of a pop song and do one of the movie scenes on film. In person castings will begin Thursday, March 17th through Sunday, March 19th 2016 to meet in person at their Chicago office. To receive the sides needed to submit a video submission, you must email no later than Friday, March 11th and all submissions will need to be returned no later than Sunday, March 13th.

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