Casting: Tampa, Florida


Art Institute of Tampa film student Jay Fernandez is seeking qualified talent for his short film “Solaris” filming in Tampa, FL.  Solaris is a 5-8-minute action, Sci-fi, drama short based around a girl name Norah. Please see all of the open roles below:

– Norah: Caucasian or Tan, Female, 20, Dark Hair and Dark Eyes. Fit body. Far-Sighted (No Glasses). Norah is witty, sarcastic, clever, introvert, and independent. Close to her parents and to those she can trust such as Jack and Jenna. Norah is a young female who keeps to herself but is willing to step out of her comfort zone to defend those she cares about the most. She is brave and optimistic as well as persistent towards ideas that to others would seem edgy.

– Jack: Caucasian, Male, 17, Dark-Messy Hair and Dark Eyes. Slim Body. Far-Sighted (No Glasses). Jack is shy, timid, anxious, and humble. Norah is the only friend he trusts considering she always defends him from anyone who tries to pick on him. Jack is a young kid with a kind heart and a sweet attitude but is unable to stick up for himself. Jack enjoys helping when asked without a problem and barely speaks but when he does it’s something genuine.

– Jenna: Caucasian, Female, 18, Blonde-Wavy Hair and Light Eyes. Fit-Curvy Body. Far-Sighted (No Glasses). Jenna is social, hyper, friendly, and secretly self-conscious. Jenna is best friends with Norah; she is the life of the party among any group, but when it comes to Norah she is the only one she can turn to for true advice and quality time. They have been sisters by heart since childhood.

– Cosmic Sentinel: Space Being, Male, Age: Unknown, Hair Color (Any) Eye Color (Any). Fit-muscular body. The Cosmic Sentinel is serious, aggressive, intelligent, impersonal, persistent, and single-minded. He belongs to a group of guardians known as the “Cosmic Sentinels” whose sole purpose is to keep watch over those with unusual abilities across the universe such as the super power that Norah comes to obtain (the power to absorb energy from the stars and disperse it with her hands). This Cosmic Sentinel in particular is sent to Earth to contain Norah’s power, which has gone out of hand.
The casting will be held on Friday, June 3rd from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. This is an opportunity to gain experience. This short film will serve as a teaser for a bigger version of the story (Feature Film) that will be produced in the near future as well. “Solaris” will be submitted to the Tampa Bay Comic Con as well as other festivals and competitions. Food and beverages will be provided for those accepted to be part of the film and gas money will be reimbursed for anyone traveling long distances. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO AUDITION! The more the merrier! (Please email your interest in auditioning ahead of time so that your place in line can be reserved). HEADSHOTS AND RESUMES ARE ALWAYS A PLUS. For any questions please email with “Solaris”

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