Casting: National

Ann Wright Representatives is seeking qualified talent for a television series. The client is seeking Caucasian males, age 8, to play “Jack” one of the series regulars on the show. All talent MUST arrive with a parent. All talent and parent should check their availability before submitting because talent and parent need to be available for the entire series. Please see character description below.

Jack: Katie’s younger brother. He doesn’t have a care in the world. He is a child of divorce and he feels that it is his right to run wild without supervision and he doesn’t like when Katie puts a cramp in his style. Jack is also a bit of a klutz because he often winds up spilling, tripping or making a mess. One big characteristic about Jack is that he has no self-consciousness, so he’s never trying to play it cool. He’s just being Jack.

If you fit the description or if you can refer someone who does fit the description, please send your or their name, age, email, phone number, head shot, and full body photo to no later than 8:00 am on Friday, April 14th, 2017 with “Jack” in your subject line.