Casting: Syracuse, New York

The directors of feature film “12 Days with God” is seeking qualified extras in Syracuse. Please read all of the below details before registering at 12 Days with God Registration:

Date: Monday, August 28th 2017 (IF IT RAINS, WILL POSTPONE)

Time: 5:30PM- 10:30PM

Role: Participants attending a Festival Downtown

Location: Will be sent to you if you are accepted for a spot (General area: Syracuse)

Role Specifics: Male and Female welcome. Age 18 and older.



I know it sounds cool and fun to be part of a feature film…… and it IS!! However, if you’ve never really done anything with film before you may not be aware of what exactly takes place and what you’re signing up for, so please read below carefully before you register.

*Be prepared to stand around and do nothing for extended periods of time. Making a movie is an Art, and it takes time to get things set up properly, people in order, Equipment in place, etc. There are just many parts at work and sometimes you may just be standing around “waiting”. If you are not a patient person, this is probably not something you want to sign up for.

*Be prepared to do the same thing over and over and over again. The reason your favorite movies look as good as they do is because they go over and over a scene until they get it exactly where the director wants it be.

*Be prepared to be outside. Wear sunscreen. If you are not a fan of the heat— this is probably not for you. (We will have plenty of water on set)

*Be prepared to NOT be in camera view. Showing up does not mean you will necessarily be on screen. We may get your face, back of head, leg, arm, hand… or, you may be out of view completely. This is just part of being an extra. It’s nothing personal.

*Be prepared to have fun!! No matter how crazy the process is, you will get to say you were part of a feature film, in Syracuse!

Once you have registered please confirm with with “Feature Syracuse” in the subject line.