Casting: Milwaukee, Wisonsin

Paskal Rudnicke is searching for real people and actors in Milwaukee. They are background talent, male and female ages 9 and up. This is for a new Adult Swim series featuring Joe Pera.  Talent must be local to Milwaukee and available to film early November through Mid-December. The client is hosting an open call Monday, October 23rd, 2017. To be added to the audition list please email with “Milwaukee Talent” in the subject line.

Casting: Concord, Massachusetts

Boston Casting, is currently seeking real ethnic families for a photo shoot in Concord, MA. They are seeking a mom, dad and 2 or 3 children.  If selected the shoot will take place October 23rd or 24th 2017. The client will make their selection based off of family photos. For more details please email with “Boston Family” in the subject line.

Casting: Orlando, Florida

Modern Muse is in search of plus size models for a client’s look book in Orlando. They are seeking female models ages 18-26, all ethnic backgrounds. Must wear a size 6-10 and be 5’8 or taller. Experience is a plus, please include any prior experience in your submission. The client is actively looking at model images and will decide by next Monday. For more information please email with “Modern Muse” in the subject line.

Casting: Orlando, Florida

Heinz Casting is seeking mature talent with great teeth for an oral hygiene client in Orlando. This is an urgent casting, they are seeking male and female talent, ages 30 and older to test a new innovative oral hygiene product for a well-established company. The client is looking for real people, with nice smiles. To be considered you must send two photos (1 smiling and one full body) and answer the following four questions:

  1.       What steps do you take to achieve that cleanest, freshest feeling?
  2.       What is your daily dental hygiene routine?
  3.       What do you wish you could improve about your daily dental hygiene routine?
  4.       Have you tried a water flosser – and if so, what did you think of it?

For more details email with “Heinz Teeth” in the subject line.

Casting: Fort Myers, Florida

Stay Gorgeous Girls Is seeking runway models for Stay Gorgeous Girls Fashion Show. All teen girls ages 14-18, all ethnic backgrounds and heights. Along with walking on the runway, you’d be needed to help attendees find spa products at the end of the show. You will need to bring 3-4 outfits (high fashion, business wear, casual and formal). This event is taking place in Fort Myers, FL on October 14th 2017.  For more information please email with “Gorgeous Girl” in the subject line.

Casting: Birmingham, Alabama

Sam Villa Salons, Martin Parsons, Sexy Hair and Sports Clips are seeking qualified models for the upcoming beauty fashion hair show in Birmingham. They are seeking male and female models, all ethnic backgrounds, heights and types. There will be other hair companies on site. Our client can only ensure payment from the four approved beauty companies. Auditions begin on October 20th-21st 2017.  They are seeking over 200 models for this once a year event. All models must arrive with natural hair, this means no wigs, weaves, braids, extensions, relaxers, shaved or buzzed cuts. How much styling, cut and coloring is done will be determined between the models and stylist. Models must be 16 or older, all models under 18 must attend with a parent. Please email with “4 Hair” in the subject line, the audition dates, times, locations and room vary per company.

Casting: New Orleans, Louisiana

Paradym Group is seeking qualified female brand ambassadors for the PMA Trade Show in New Orleans. Models will need to prepare food samples and hand them out to people, invite attendees to booth and general booth assistance. Models will most likely wear white blouse and black dress slacks, but this is subject to change. The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 20th-21st from 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM both days. For more information please email with “PMA” in the subject line.