Casting: Atlanta, Georgia


Casting Two Speaking Roles for an Independent Film shooting in Atlanta, Georgia!


Daniel Page has 24 hours to find a job before he finds himself in a difficult predicament. While being supported by his lifelong friend and mother he is challenged by a lot of “maybe’s” when it comes to opportunities that seem almost too good to be true. In the midst of societies institutionalized way of living a progressive life (go to school, find a job, then eventually get married). Daniel wants to break the cycle of what is expected by the norm. Daniel Page is a story about finding freedom thru someone who makes you feel alive.


Jaime (Female, Age: 21-28, Caucasian, Blond, European Look)
Note: You must be able to ride a bicycle for some of the scenes.

Lyft Driver (Age: 27-40 , Male or Female, Any Ethnicity) Someone who is a laid back optimist. This person has spent many years driving people around and has developed an sense of awareness of how life happens.

To submit: Email selfie and resume to Casting deadline is April 15th, 2018.