Casting: Kissimmee, Florida


Studio PBJ is now casting males and females age 5 to 60 for a short film shooting in Kissimmee, Florida on July 27-28, 2018!

Project Title: “Sideshow”

Synopsis: Curious carnival goers visit an unusual Side Show attraction that claims to house the “King of Kings”.

Director: Barry Cook (Director of Mulan and other credits).


Note: Characters are of no specific ethnicity except for the Senior Hispanic Woman.

CARNIVAL BARKER: (Male or Female – Age 30-60) A seasoned “Carny”. This is the ‘salesperson of the midway’ who delivers the pitch to entice customers to see the show.

TEENAGE BOY: (Age 15-16) Half of a dating couple. The type who loves the big fast rides.

TEENAGE GIRL: (Age 15-16) The Girlfriend. Sweet, not as adventurous as her date.

SENIOR HISPANIC WOMAN: (Age 65-85) A devout Catholic who has made a pilgrimage to the carnival just to see this attraction. Must speak Spanish.

MALE 1: (Age 17-25) Leader of a gang of three ‘Bad boys’.

MALE 2: (Age 17-25) Wise guy/know it all, cracks jokes doesn’t take things seriously.

MALE 3: (Age 17-25) The follower. Considerate but obviously in with the wrong crowd.

CHILD (Alex): (Boy or Girl – Age 5-6) Curious and bright.

DAD: (Male Age 25-35) Sensitive, he is stunned by the attraction and is hesitant to expose his child to it.

COED 1: (Female – Age 17-25) Has a need to know. Studious but not a nerd.

COED 2: (Female – Age 17-25) Just out for a good time. Was probably invited by her friend.

SKEPTIC: (Middle Aged man 45-60). Why this guy is at a carnival by himself is a mystery. Perhaps he’s a outside tradesman who came to do a mechanical repair and was intrigued by the attraction.

TWEEN 1: (Boy – age 12-13) More interested in the Midway food than the rides or attractions. Not easily impressed.

TWEEN 2: (Boy – age 12-13) Really into the Carnival and Sideshow stuff.


Carnival Barker – $400 one day

Teenage Boy – $200 for ½ day

Teenage Girl – $200 for ½ day

Senior Hispanic Woman –  $400 one day

Male 1 – $200 for ½ day

Male 2 – $200 for ½ day

Male 3 – $200 for ½ day

Child – $200 for ½ day

Dad – $200 for ½ day

Coed 1 – $200 for ½ day

Coed 2 – $200 for ½ day

Skeptic – $200 for ½ day

Tween 1 – $200 for ½ day

Tween 2 – $200 for ½ day

Shoot Dates: July 27-28, 2018 (Friday and Saturday)

Shoot Location: Kissimmee, FL

To submit for casting email headshot and resume to: In the subject write the name of the role you are submitting for.

Note: There may be a callback.