Casting: Orlando, Florida


Modern Muse Models is casting male and female actors July 5th and 6th for a television pilot in Orlando!



LOGLINE: David, a 13-year-old prodigy growing up in low-income housing in South Florida finds himself torn between two worlds. Haunted by the death of his close friend and relied on by his hardworking mother to find a way out of the projects, he must choose between the streets that raised him or the higher education that may offer him and his family a way out.

Casting for the following roles:

[DESMOND] Male 18-35 years old. Ageless in features.Black and/or Caribbean West Indian (Jamaican, Bahamian, Hatian).  He is Teo’s (Raynan’s uncle) very loyal second-in-command. He takes care of all those who become a problem. Often thought of as the muscle of the operation he is smart and trying to find a way to climb the latter of success on his own. When he, Desmond, gets physical with Raynan, he learns the hard way, “no one fucks with family.” MAJOR RECURRING

[RAY KELLY] Male. Late 20s – early 30s. African – American. “A tall, beautiful black man in a well pressed suit,” He is Seren’s stepfather who demands Seren’s obedience and deference. Seren is terrified of him, and for good reason. MAJOR RECURRING

[WILLIE DERRICK]  Male.  11yo.  African American.  He is a wanna-be dope dealer, who’s eager to work for Raynan and Shinobi. Having bragged to the neighborhood kids about being asked to play lookout for Raynan, he gets beat up by JG (who is only 9yo).  MAJOR RECURRING

[STAR CHILD] Female to Male transgender Male. 18-22yo, to play 17. Black and/or Latino, quiet but direct. Forms a special bond with 9-year-old JG. Comes to live with Ms. Elijah (his aunt) when kicked out of his home at 16.  MAJOR RECURRING.Please note: They will only be auditioning Transgender M FTM for the role of STAR CHILD

[MARISSA] Female 12-15 years old to play 13. Haitian-American.David and Seren’s wisecracking, smart as a whip but takes no foolishness, friend and classmate at Galvin Magnet School. She excels in school and not afraid to voice her opinion, has a love of Marine Science but at home, she is being groomed to be a wife by her mother and tasked with serving her brother, which she resents. Must be able to sing. MAJOR RECURRING

[TARE]Female 12-15 years old to play 13. Haitian-American. A neighborhood girl who also lives in The Ville with David. She is incredibly cool in her confidence and temperament. Dancing is her life and hopes to get into New World School of the Arts dance program. Must be able to dance modern contemporary, particularly Horton and/or Graham techniques well. MAJOR RECURRING.

To submit for casting email In the subject write the role you are submitting for. Include your full name, age, phone, head shot, and resume.