Casting: Lexington, Kentucky

casting call

Lexington, Kentucky Casting Call for “Where Birds Won’t Fly,” The Edge Productions: Feature Length 1st and 3rd Person Thriller with Horror and Science Fiction elements!

Buried deep in the hills of Western Kentucky, mysterious events surround a small cabin plagued by death. A curse that stretches over 60 years. A mother and her two children move into the cabin and soon learn the warnings from local townsfolk should not be taken lightly.

Auditions will be held:

Where: Tates Creek Public Library 3628 Walden Dr, Lexington, KY 40517

When: August 4, 2018 from 12:00PM-5PM.

Filming will begin in mid to late fall on weekends.

Food will be provided, lodging provided if required to stay overnight.

Some roles are pay negotiable.

We will accept video auditions, however, local talent are encouraged to attend the live auditions. You can email for sides and submit headshots and resumes to:

Characters Available:

LACY, mid to late teens, daughter to Kendra and sister to Matt, quick witted and snobby, loves the big city and dislikes country living.

MATT, early adolescent, son to Kendra and younger brother to Lacy, takes the brunt of Lacy’s frustrations, also is not built for country living.

KENDRA, 30’s, mother to Lacy and Matt, does her best to give the kids the best life that she can, sometimes overly protective, but her heart is in the right place.

ELMER, early 20’s, son of Glennie, husband to Vera, cousin of Billy Ray. Hot-headed and stubborn, he expects things to be done his way and stubs up to any that try and get in his way.

BILLY RAY, early 30’s, husband to June, nephew to Glennie, cousin to Elmer. Father to Mary, Charlton, and Lonnie. Level headed and more mature, Billy Ray will do anything to save his family.

JUNE, early 30’s, wife to Billy Ray, mother to Mary, Charlton, and Lonnie. Family is everything to her, she would sacrifice her own life and give the shirt off her back to help others.

VERA, early 20’s, wife to Elmer, married her high school sweetheart at a young age, to escape the grasps of her abusive father, is still figuring out life and feels protected by her husband.

GLENNIE, mid to late 40’s, mother of Elmer, Aunt to Billy Ray, and Great Aunt to Mary, Charlton, and Lonnie. She’s the mother figure to all that are around her, protective and caring.

MARY, pre-adolescent, Oldest daughter of Billy Ray and June.

CHARLTON, pre-adolescent, middle child of Billy Ray and June.

LONNIE, toddler to pre-adolescent, the youngest of Billy Ray and June.

SHELBY, mid to late teens, Lacy’s best friend.

JERRY MYERS, Mid 30’s, early 40’s, Husband to Macy, father to Kaci and Whitney. Fun loving and a child at heart, takes fatherhood seriously and makes sure that his family is provided for.

MACY MYERS, early to mid thirties, wife to Jerry and mother to Kaci and Whitney. Fell in love with Jerry’s sense of humor and couldn’t see herself anywhere else, with her loving husband and two amazing kids.

KACI, 12, Daughter of Jerry and Macy.

WHITNEY, 10, daughter of Jerry and Macy.

SHERIFF BAKER, early 50’s, hard nosed and by the book. Takes his job seriously and does everything to protect his county.

DEPUTY VAUGHN, early 30’s, takes his job too seriously, is more of a laughing stock and a Barney Fife type of character.

SALLY STONE, 30’s, a hard nosed and charming reporter that will do anything to get her story.

DEPUTY WILSON, late 20’s, straight by the book and does everything to make sure the law is upheld.

MR. CALLAWAY, early 50’s, government official, investigates strange occurrences and helps to find out the truth from fiction.

MR. KELLER, early 50’s, government official, investigates strange occurrences and helps to find out the truth from fiction.







If you have any questions, please feel free to email