Casting: Orlando, Florida


United Blade Entertainment is now accepting audition submissions for the independent film “Gray People” shooting in Orlando, Florida!


Pay Info: paid

Location: Orlando/Deltona/Sanford

Filming to start at the beginning of January 2019. Please submit your audition to Please include an updated headshot, resume and video reel with your submission and let us know which role you are auditioning for. These are paid roles and the film is non-union. Comedic timing is a must.

Synopsis: Unsuccessfully searching for capital to start a business and running out of time, two best friends decide the only way to achieve their dreams is to assume the identities of their neighbors who happen to be Grayanese and attend a small business program in their place.


Female, early 20’s to mid 30’s, Latina or bi racial. (A Gray Person) She is seductive, horny, and friendly.

Cranky Neighbor

Female, mid 40’s to early 60’s African American. She is very moody, feisty and not having it.


Male, mid 20’s to early 30’s African American. Muscular, the bouncer type, real intimidating. (Think Terry Crews)

Mr. Goldstein

Male, early 50’s to mid 60’s, Caucasian. He is the CEO of a company, a true leader, very confidant, yet a little absent minded.


Male, late 40’s to early 60’s, Caucasian. Laid back, proud, yet frustrated. (Think Duck Dynasty)

Nick’s Dad

Male, mid 30’s to 40’s, African American. A soft-spoken nice guy. (Think Terrance Howard and Madea)

Puerto Rican Guy

Male, mid 20’s Latino. He’s very proud and arrogant.

Woman in Restaurant

Female, mid 20’s to mid 30’s Caucasian. She is cautious and judgmental. 


Male, mid 20’s to mid 30’s, Asian or Latino. (A Gray Person) Nerdy.


Male, mid 20’s to mid 30’s, Asian or Latino. (A Gray Person) Nerdy.

Young Kyle

Male, 8 to 14, Caucasian. A cute innocent looking kid.

Young Nick

Male, 8 to 14, African American, Latino or bi racial. A cute innocent looking kid.

Restaurant Owner

Female, mid 20’s to mid 40’s Asian. Happy and excited.

Latina Homeowner

Female, mid 20’s to mid 30’s Latina. Outspoken. (Must Speak Spanish)

Cranky Old Man

Male, mid 50’s to mid 60’s Caucasian. Disappointed and depressed.


All ages, races and nationalities. For one-liners, cameos, and background. (Grey makeup required for some extras).