Casting: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

freihofer casting

Friehofer Casting Call for SAG-AFTRA Feature Film filming in Oklahoma City!

Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Modified Low Budget Agreement
Producers: Sasha Yelaun, Monty Ross, Curtis Nichouls
Director: Wes Miller
Writer: Wes Miller
Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Start Date: 11/26/2018 (4 weeks, wrapping 12/21)
Audition Dates: Beginning 11/08/2018. (Auditions in Norman, OK & Dallas, TX)
Callback Date: TBD
Shoot Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Rate of Pay / Contract:
Scale ($335/day, $1,166/week) +10%
Submission Deadline: 5 pm 11/07/2018
Please submit as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute. We have to pull all this off before Thanksgiving.
Courtesy hotel, per diem and travel reimbursement provided to regional actors located out of the area.
Set in 1875, when an illiterate former slave, Bass Reeves, decides to become a law man, he must prove his worth by accepting an assignment that no other marshal will: tracking and capturing and/or killing, Bob Dozier, the most dangerous outlaw in the Indian Territory. Along with him on this journey is Charlie Storm, who is working to earn a pardon instead of facing federal time in Detroit. Together these men must learn to rely on the other to survive…and not kill each other along the way.
[BASS REEVES] – David Gyasi
[BOB DOZIER] – Frank Grillo
[JUDGE ISAAC PARKER] Caucasian male, 40s. Known in history as “The Hangin’ Judge”. Federal judge in Fort Smith, AR. He must discharge his duty of hanging the guilty, but he doesn’t relish it. He appoints Bass Reeves as Deputy Marshal and supports his decision, to the dismay of Marshal Franks. MAJOR SUPPORTING. NAME ACTORS ONLY.
[MARSHALL FRANKS] Caucasian male, 50. Fresh shaved, neatly pressed suit. He is the U.S. Marshal in charge of the town, and hires Bass as a trusted posseman. However, when Judge Parker attempts to appoint Bass as a Deputy Marshal, Franks is strongly against it, and instead, wants Bass to answer for killing a man. After Dozier threatens Franks and Parker, urging them to stay away, Franks would just as soon leave Dozier be rather than face the hardened, crazed outlaw. Must be comfortable with firearms. MAJOR SUPPORTING.
[IRISH JACK] Caucasian male, 40s. Dozier’s right-hand man. Tough as nails. He is a skilled gunman, a crazed killer, and exactly the guy you need at your right hand. MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE and must be comfortable with firearms. MAJOR SUPPORTING
[SAM SIXKILLER] 50s. Part white, part Cherokee. All warrior. He wears a faded star on his chest. He once saved Bass’ life. Now reunited, he befriends Bass, warning him he is going up against a terrible outlaw. MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE and be comfortable with firearms. MAJOR SUPPORTING.
[SENATOR SMITH] Caucasian male, 60s. Well dressed and a cigar aficionado. He is strongly against Bass being appointed a Deputy Marshal, and comes with orders from the President claiming as much. Instead, he wants Bass to stand trial for shedding the blood of a white man. MAJOR SUPPORTING.
[ATTENDANT] Caucasian male, 70s. He is the crusty caretaker of the town livery stable. He is kind-hearted and befriends Bass, but keeps a cocked rifle in his hands. He’s no stranger to Outlaws. 2 scenes. 6 lines, 4 speeches.
[FRANK JAMES] Caucasian male, 35-40. Thin build. The notorious outlaw, older brother to Jesse James. The legendary Younger gang, later the James Gang. Bass comes across the 5 outlaws as they ride north to Kansas. MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE. 1 Scene. 9 lines.
[RUFUS BUCK] Native American male, 20s. Avenging the death of his brother. MUST BE FLUENT IN CREEK LANGUAGE. Must be able to right a horse and be comfortable with firearms. 1 scene 6 lines.
[PRESIDENT ULYSSES S. GRANT] Caucasian male, 50s. Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States. Accompanied by Senator Smith, he travels to Arkansas to admonish Judge Parker. 2 scenes. 1 speech.
[JAILER] Caucasian male, 40s-60s. He fetches Charlie in for arraignment. 2 scenes. 2 lines.
[NED] Caucasian male, 21-50. A gunman. One of Deputy Marshal Jim Bruce’s men. He is concerned there aren’t enough men for the job. 2 scenes 1 line.
[GEORGE REEVES] Caucasian male, 40s. A Confederate soldier, tended to by Bass. He is a tough but fair superior. 1 Scene. 5 lines.
[JOHN WITTINGTON] Caucasian male, 18-22. Drunk on wine, he accidentally killed his friend. Now he is facing hanging by Judge Parker. He pleads for his life to be spared and loses control, breaking into tears. 1 Scene, 5 lines.
[INDIAN ON HORSE] Native American male, 21-40. Part of an Indian outlaw gang. He asks Bass to identify himself and state his business on the land. MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE. 1 scene 4 lines.
[ANOTHER MAN] 28 to 35 years old, Caucasian male. An outlaw who turns out to be non other than JESSE JAMES! MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE. 1 scene. 2 lines.
[INDIAN OUTLAW 2] Native American male, 40s. Avenging the death of his nephew. MUST BE FLUENT IN CREEK LANGUAGE. Must be able to ride a horse. 1 Scene 5 lines.
[BILLY] A gunman. One of Deputy Marshal Jim Bruce’s men. 2 scenes 1 line.
[JEFF] Caucasian male, 21-50. A gunman. One of Deputy Marshal Jim Bruce’s men. 2 scenes 1 line.
[NEWLAND] African American male, 5-7 years old. Bass’ son. He offers his toy marshal star to his daddy. 2 scenes. 1 line.
[MAIL CARRIER] Caucasian male, 25-60. He carries the mail in the town, and has a strange delivery for Judge Parker. Great character looks here please. 1 scene 1 line.
[TOWNSWOMAN] Caucasian female, 25-55. She rushes to get a glimpse of Bass, announcing the black Marshal is back in town. 1 line 1 scene
[SOLDIER] Caucasian male, 18-30. A soldier in the Confederate Army in 1862, running towards the commotion caused by Bass escaping. 1 scene 1 line.
[MESSENGER] Male, 18-30, Caucasian, He delivers a message to Judge Parker. 1 Scene. 1 Line.
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