Casting: Wilmington, North Carolina


“Swamp Thing” Season One Now Casting Stand-Ins for filming in Wilmington, North Carolina!

We are looking for the following Stand-Ins for Season One of Swamp Thing. Those submitting must have relatively open availability, I will always relay stand-in schedules prior to filming for each episode (though they are subject to change of course.)

**Confirmations will go out by later this week**


Caucasian Male
Ages: 20s-40s
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’9-5’11
Weight: 165-180
Waist: 32
Shirt: Medium
Subject Line: Alec SI


African American Female
Age: 20s-30s
Hair: Black/Dark Brown
Height: 5’10-6’0
Waist: 24-26
Pant: 6-8
Dress: 4-6
Subject Line: LIZ SI


Caucasian Female
Ages: 9-11
Hair: Blonde
Height: 4’6-4’8
Shirt: 10
Pant: 8/10 slim
Dress: 8/10 slim
Subject Line: SUSIE SI


Hispanic Male or Male with Olive Complexion
Age: 20s-30s
Hair: Black or Dark Brown
Facial Hair: None or Limited
Height: 6’1-6’3
Weight: 180-200
Shirt: 16, 16.5
Waist: 32 or 33
Subject Line: MATT SI



Hispanic/Latina female
Ages: 40s-50
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’8-5’10
Waist: 27 or 28
Pant: 8 or 10
Dress: 6 or 8
Subject Line: LUCILLA SI


African American Female
Ages: 40s-50s
Hair: Black/Dark Brown
Height: 5’6-5’8
Waist: 26 or 27
Pant: 2 or 4
Dress: 2, 4 or 6
Subject Line: MME XANADU SI


Pay rate: $150/10hrs BUT our parent company will only guarantee up to 8hrs, so pay rate is a guaranteed $110/8hrs and time and a half for every hour that exceeds the 8th. The good news is you start getting over time after 8hrs which is very rare and appealing!

Call time could be as early as 6:00am and their filming day could last 12+ hours.

Those submitting must be able to work AS LOCAL TO WILMINGTON, NC AREA!!!.

If interested email
Subject Line: Please list the stand-in role you are submitting for

Your email should include the following:
Two recent photos (we prefer a body and head shot), Name, Contact Number, Age, Location, Height, Weight, Shirt Size, Pant Size, Jacket Size (if applicable,) Dress Size (if applicable,) Shoe Size AND a Description of any tattoos or piercings. **Please also be sure to include any prior stand-in experience.**