Casting: New York, New York


Casting is seeking 3 Actors in their Teens-20s to play LEAD ROLES in feature film!

netflix casting actors auditions

Studio: Netflix

Writer/Director: Alice Wu

Producers: Anthony Bregman, Blair Breard, & Alice Wu

Location: New York

Shoot Dates: APRIL-JUNE 2019

Submission Deadline: February 1st, 2019 (6:00pm PST)

Synopsis: ELLIE CHIU feels isolated and friendless in her remote, backwater town of Squahamish, where she makes some much-needed extra cash penning homework papers for her fellow high school students. But when Ellie reluctantly agrees to play Cyrano for lovelorn footballer PAUL MUNSKY, who has fallen hard for ASTER FLORES, daughter of the school’s deacon, it becomes an unexpected journey of discovery for all three, who form a complicated triangle of friendship as they come to terms with their own unexpected feelings about love…



17, female, Chinese-American. American-born but must speak Mandarin in a few scenes. Serious, funny, extremely bright, a deep thinker. Endearingly awkward, with a certain coltish appeal. Quick with wry banter. Bonus if she can sing and play the piano and/or guitar. (LEAD)


17, male, Caucasian. Tall, rugged, working-class meathead with a deeply honest quality. Third-string running back for his high school football team. Paul may not be great with words, but he’s a surprisingly sensitive and insightful individual once you get past his doltish exterior. (LEAD)


17, female, Mexican-American or Latina. That girl in class who manages to be both smart and popular and beautiful – and yet no one begrudges her for it, mostly because she is also so incredibly kind. Playfully charming, artistic, struggling to make sense of what life holds in store for her. Bonus if a confident singer. (LEAD)

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