Casting: Ft Worth, Texas


Katz Kasting is Casting Actors for the Short Film “Mom” Shooting in Ft Worth, Texas!

Logline/Brief Synopsis:

Mom is about William Grace a twelve-year-old boy, who lives with his mother Emily and his two younger siblings Alex 10 and Aurora 6. William arrives home on the last day of school, to find his mother dead of a drug overdose in her bedroom. Fearing that the police will come and take him and his siblings away, like he saw happening on the news to immigrant families. He decides to hide her death and take on the role of “Mom” to keep his family together. But the tables are quickly turned when he finds out that being the adult isn’t all it is cutout to be, with juggling book club, shopping, cooking, bills and two younger kids is more than one boy can handle!

Film Dates: 03/09/2019 – 03/17/2019

Character Breakdown:

  • Alex (Caucasian male, 8 years old dark brown hair, Stubborn but outgoing)

  • Aurora (Caucasian female, 6 years old, long curly blonde hair. Cute, curious and a little shy)

  • Mrs. Robinson (Hispanic female, 25 to 30 years old, long dark hair. Caring, concerned teacher)

  • Emily (Caucasian female, 35 to 45 years old, Sandy Blonde hair. Tired drug user look)

  • Mr. Robinson (African American male 25 to 35 years old. Tall athletic Police Officer type. )

  • Jimmy (Male All Ethnicities 14 to 16 years old 8th grader. Jock Athlete type)

  • Cashier (All Ethnicities 19 to 25 year old Female)

  • Marcus (All Ethnicities 11 to 13 year old Heavyset 6th grader)

  • Bagger (All Ethnicities 16 to 19 year old Male)

  • Ms. Baker (All Ethnicities 55 to 65 year old)

  • Nurse (All Ethnicities 30 to 40 year old Female)

  • Rilie (Caucasian 12 to 15 year old Female 7th grader Cheerleader type)

  • Drug Dealer (Male, 25-40) stereotypical drug dealer type on the street corner in the bad side of town. Sketchy.

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