Casting: Norman, Oklahoma

Feature Film
Producers: Jerome Reygner-Kalfon, Sebastien Semon, Brian Vilim, Zeus Zamani
Writers: Michael Baumgarten, Jerome Reygner-Kalfon, Sebastien Semon
Director: Stephen Shimek
Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Audition Dates: TBD, Norman, OK.  (Will accept self tapes from regional actors willing to work local hire, though live auditions are much preferred)
Callback Date: TBD
Start Date: 03/11/2019 (3 weeks)
Shoot Location: Oklahoma
A teenager summons the courage to help a friendly robot known as A.R.I. kidnapped by a ruthless lab director working for a powerful corporation seeking to turn him into a dangerous weapon in order to rule the world.
[A.R.I.] Male, Any ethnicity, 20s-40s – A.R.I is a robot of mysterious origin. It’s more like a new lifeform than simply an electronic humanoid. He’s conversational and comedic, a trickster but fun and loyal to his friends. He has a sadness at his core, as he’s separated from his creator/father and is one of the first/only of his kind. LEAD
[BETHANY DELKING] Female Any ethnicity, 14 years old — Underneath her backwards cap, edgy haircut and color, she’s a confident gamer and tech geek to rival Noah. She and Noah are friends. Bethany’s adventurous and good under pressure, able to trick or act her way into/through any situation. LEAD
[NOAH HALEY] Male, Any ethnicity, 14 years old – An imaginative, inventive, and tech-minded boy, Noah’s a good kid whose curiosity sometimes gets the best of him. He is a video games master. Noah doesn’t mind breaking the rules if it’s for the good of his friends. He’s smart and has a tendency to wing it. LEAD
[DIRECTOR RADDOCK] Male, – Any ethnicity, 40s-60s – A man with ruthless ambition and a bad haircut, The Director is in charge of a team of scientists that are trying to activate A.R.I. His ambition causes him to make risky decisions against the advice of his team. He’s more of a business guy than a tech guy, a Steve Jobs not a Steve Wozniak. SUPPORTING
[PETER HALEY] Male, Any ethnicity, 40s – Noah’s dad. Successful but grounded, Peter drives an electric Volvo, owns a large and perfect house. He’s tired but grateful for each day. Due in part to insecurity and part to his crazy work schedule, Peter finds it difficult to maintain a close emotional relationship with his teenage son. At the end of the day, Peter’s love for his family will prevail over his loyalty to his company. SUPPORTING
[RITA HALEY] Female, Any ethnicity, 30s – Noah’s mom. Rita is a hard-working doctor while being the emotional ballast of her family as well. SUPPORTING
[MARK HALEY] Male. He’s Noah’s 18 year old brother, a rebellious skater kid with a good heart. He sneaks out of the house with his friends at night and he just got promoted at work to night manager at Benny’s Burgers. SUPPORTING
[MR. ZARING] Male, – Any ethnicity, 60s-70s – Peter Haley’s boss and head of the robotics team. Mr. Zaring pressures Peter into working harder instead of spending time with Noah (Peter’s son). He’s also willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve some of his company’s stolen property. SUPPORTING
[DR. SIMON] Male or female, Any ethnicity, 30s-60s – Scientist Dr. Simon is the cautious voice of reason to The Director’s “full steam ahead!” He/she is on the team that’s trying to activate A.R.I. SUPPORTING
[LARRY ROCKLEDGE] male, Any ethnicity, 30s-50s – Larry’s the security guard at the robotics company where Peter Haley works. He’s not the most diligent person and is frequently on his phone or otherwise distracted while he’s at work. He’s an amiable guy and helps Noah and Bethany out when they need it. SUPPORTING
[TITAN] Male, Any ethnicity, 30s-50s – Titan is a large and athletic securities expert at a robotics company who dresses in black military attire. SUPPORTING
[BENNY] Male, any ethnicity, 30s-40s. Owner of a local burger joint, he seems a little mean, but he ultimately helps the main characters out in a big way. SMALL SUPPORTING
[PROFESSOR EZEKIAL EGGY] Male, Any ethnicity, 50s-60s – roboticist and creator of /father to ARI. He’s in mourning, thinking that he’s lost his greatest creation, and he likes watching the birds at the zoo. He’s a gentle man that doesn’t have much fight left in him. SUPPORTING
[MISS STANNY] Female, Any ethnicity, 30s-40s – a high school teacher and former model/beauty queen. 1 scene 7 lines
[VAULT WORKER] Male, Any ethnicity, 40s – mustachioed, a tad incompetent. 1 scene, 6 lines
[GENIE OPERATOR] Male, Any ethnicity, 20s – bearded, clumsy. 1 scene, 5 lines
[CASHIER] male or female – Any ethnicity, late teens – friendly/perky cashier at a local fast-food burger joint. He/she’s helpful but a rule follower. 1 scene 3 lines
[WAR VETERAN] Any ethnicity, 50s-60s – janitor/inmate at the police station with a robotic arm. He’s an idealist and believe in fighting for what you believe in.
[SUPERVISOR] Male or female, – Any ethnicity, 50s-60s – stern, withholding, and a bit mean.
[CORY / ZACH] Male, Any ethnicity, 14-18 – high school bully/football player. 1 scene
[BURGER COOK] 20 to 35 years old, all ethnicities male or female. no nonsense, something of a luddite. 1 scene, 1 line
[RECEPTIONIST] Female, Any ethnicity, 50s-70s – She has a kind face and wrinkles as a reward for a long life.
[OLD HOBO] Male, Any ethnicity, 40s-60s – an onlooker, delivers a joke. 1 scene

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