Casting: Oviedo, Florida


Studio PBJ Casting Call for Feature Film Teaser “Race To Be King” in Oviedo, Florida!


SYNOPSIS: After capturing a wild horse, a young couple are off to the races to compete against an arch-rival to win the throne.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Voice-Over only. This is a  ‘proof of concept’ piece for a proposed feature film project. A good opportunity to work with an experienced Animation Director.

DIRECTOR: Barry Cook (Co-director of Disney’s Mulan)

ROLES (3):

  • ALL roles – Production is being done in both Mandarin and English language versions. Actors fluent in both languages is a plus but not required as we may use 2 different actors for the same role; one for English and the other for Mandarin. For Mandarin speakers, it is preferable for the actor to be of Chinese descent.

  • ALL Roles – ages 18 – 99.

  • ALL Roles have very few lines.

  1. Zhumu – Female. Smart, determined. Daughter of reigning tribal king.

  2. Jerue – Male. Mischievous, irreverent, bit of a trickster. Possesses magic staff. Interested in Zhumu.

  3. Dongzan – Male. Wise guy, cocky, arrogant, self-assured. God’s gift to women. Older cousin of Jerue by about 3 years. Interested in Zhumu.

PAY: $250 (for 2 hours)

CASTING DECISION DATE: February 17, 2019.

RECORDING DATE: Saturday, February 23, 2019.

RECORDING TIME: Approximately 2 hours.

FYI: Remote recording session is possible but not preferred.

LOCATION: Oviedo, FL (Central Florida area)


Voice Over audition can be emailed in any format as long as it doesn’t expire before February 17.

Request sides: