Casting: Richmond, Virginia



VCUarts Cinema Summer Intensive 2019Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts are seeking 3 actors for Thicker Than Water, a short student film.


VCUarts Short Student Film

Production Company: VCUarts Cinema

Executive Producer: Daniel Caporaletti, Bunt Young

Director: Katarina Docalovich

Producer: Olivia Dinman

Writer: Clark Anderson

Casting Director:  Anne Chapman

Casting Associate: William Schultz

Casting Assistants: Cailynn Birts, Laura Bowen

Shoot Dates: Wednesday June 12th, Thursday June 13th, Friday June 14th

Shoot Location: Richmond, Virginia

Audition Date: Monday, June 3rd

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia

Thicker Than Water

Storyline: Tedd, a loner living on his inherited farm, attempts to reconnect with his adventurous daughter Remy by burying roadkill, a strange hobby of his.


TEDD: Any Ethnicity Male, late 30s. Weathered and fit. TEDD is more comfortable outdoors, with a great respect for nature, who considers hunting is abhorrent . A loner who puts on a hard shell for the world but is a softie on the inside. Due to her mother’s illness, TEDD’s ex MAUREEN needs him to take their daughter REMY for a few days, which terrifies him, but they soon learn they are cut from the same cloth. Guitar skills a plus.

REMY: Any Ethnicity Female, 10-12 years old. A little extrovert who loves to explore. Can’t sit still, but will listen intently if your story is engaging. Tough, yet compassionate and understanding. REMY loves the outdoors and getting her hands dirty. She feels stifled by the suburbs and her overprotective mom. At first REMY is shy around TEDD, but thinks his strange hobby is cool. She loves her mother dearly, but realizes what she has missed out on by not knowing her father and is adamant that must change.

Must enjoy being outdoors and not afraid to get dirty!

MAUREEN: Any Ethnicity Female, mid-late 30s. Nurse. Dedicated, hard working, protective mama bear. Single mother of 10 year old REMY. MAUREEN is constantly working and always exhausted, but is motivated by a better life for REMY with the goal of a nice house in the suburbs in a good school district. TEDD, who was the perfect romantic boyfriend, has proven to be less than the perfect co-parent. She dreams of a relationship with a responsible, practical man. Due to her mother’s illness, and against her better judgement, MAUREEN must leave REMY with TEDD for a couple of days.

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