Casting: Chicago, Illinois


Mojo Productions Casting Actors for New TV Pilot “Die Yuppie Scum” Filming in Chicago, Illinois!

New comedy pilot shooting in Chicago September 7th-15. Remote auditions will be held over video call June 23-30th.


In an “up and coming” neighborhood, a rag­tag team of counter culture misfits band together to fight the yuppie couple that buys their building.

Character Descriptions:

Dawn has a rebellious past, but after a decade of getting priced out of neighborhood after neighborhood, she desperately craves stability. She takes great pride in the niche she’s carved for herself in the neighborhood and is tired of moving around. Her biggest struggle is how to earn that stability without the expense of selling out.

Claire is so clean cut it’s like she was cut from the same cloth JCrew uses for their Spring line. Her main goal is to fit in with the residents of her new neighborhood in a purely genuine way, striving to reconnect with her “cool.” She thinks the neighborhood is a perfect location for the organic bakery she hopes to open.

Josh understands the cold, calculating world of capitalism all too well, and believes that to be “adult” is to thrive in that world. He gave up his own idealistic ideas of youth to pursue a more practical path early in adulthood, and he finds anyone who hasn’t followed suit childish and naive. For him, being “the man” is the American dream.

A roller derby girl covered in tattoos, she’s a ball of muscle that could kick your ass in a heartbeat and Dawn’s best friend. She’s totally fine with a scraping by existence as long as she retains her freedom. She’s constantly getting and losing jobs, sometimes just walking out of them to pursue a mischievous plan with Bruce.

Bruce seeks to fight “the man” at every angle. Sometimes that angle is the industrial farming industry or the federal reserve bank, but his chief target becomes Josh. Bruce is the kind of activist and conspiracy theorist who believes 911 was an inside job, and wishes he could have been one of the Weathermen.

A fresh cut from the suburbs pursuing his dreams of being a musician, still sporting Pete Wentz’s 2006 aesthetic. Michael desires to convince the others of his authenticity, despite the fact he comes from money.

A white dude with dreads who considers himself “transcultural,” Andre sees the good in everyone (except Josh) and has a tendency to pick up stray humans to keep under his wing. All of his wisdom and anecdotes come from cross­cultural experiences, like when he studied under a yogi master who sustained himself on only a single grain of rice per day.

A spaced out “general artist” who really just wants to create in all forms, be it making music out of “spirit notes” or dreamcatchers out of banjos. She may be the least with it of the bunch, or the most with it, who knows. Ultimately, though, she hates conflict and really just wants everyone in the apartment to coexist harmoniously.

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