Casting: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Extras are needed beginning this week for the feature film comedy BREAKING THEM UP, as it begins filming Wednesday in Oklahoma City!

The film is about eighth-grader Damien, who wants nothing more than for his parents to be happy, just with other people. They argue constantly and Damien’s certain they’re not right for each other. So when he finds out they got married right after he was conceived, he’s convinced it was a shotgun wedding. Did they ever love each other? Damien and his best friend Erin, his equal in the quick/savvy dept., have a business coupling-up classmates at school. More to the point, they create ‘favorable circumstances’ for someone to make an impression on their crush. It’s not long before Damien convinces Erin to turn their efforts toward his parents.

Wednesday July 24th BAR PATRONS – Males and females, 21+. They are hanging out in a trendy bar.

Thursday July 25th
PARENTS & KIDS – Males and females. Adults, aged 25-50, kids aged 12-16. Any ethnicity. 
Friday July 26th
ADULTS & TEENS – Males and females, aged 12-70, any ethnicity.

Saturday July 27th
SCUBA CLASS–MUST ALSO BE AVAILABLE AUG. 11TH. Adults, aged 25-50, any ethnicity. They are taking a SCUBA class taught by Greg.
WORKOUT PEOPLE – Males and females, 18-40. They are working out in a gym.

Sunday July 28th KIDS & PARENTS – Males and females, any ethnicity.  Kids: Aged 12-16.  Parents: Aged 25-55.

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