Casting: Cleveland, Ohio

Now Casting the ‘ULTIMUS VENEFICUS’ stage play in Cleveland, Ohio!

Two young boys learn a lesson in sibling rivalry when they are transported into a world of magic, sorcery and imagination.

Become royalty in this fun-filled stage play ‘ULTIMUS VENEFICUS (Last of the Sorcerers)’ directed by award-winner playwright, Fred Anthony Taylor. All experience levels welcome.

Monday, August 26 and Tuesday, August 27
6:00pm to 9:00pm

**Production Dates – October 25, 26, & 27 2019**


Sir Timothy – (Lead Character) Male, age 10 to late teen. Shakespearean actor (or British accent) A pure hearted innocent lad that defends the Kingdom against evil wizards and sorcerers with the help of a pair of magical keys.

Queen Leviticus – Female, age 30’s-50’s. Queen Elizabeth type with British accent (Classical Singer if possible.)

King Jude –Male, Age 30s – 50s. Similar to King Arthur. (Classical Singer if possible)

Zamarah – – Female, ages 20s – 30s. She is the evil Sorceress that haunts the Kingdom, she can change herself in two different forms; beautiful and exotic temptress or traditional witch,old and crippled with a hunch in her back.

David – (Master Knight) – Male, ages 20s to 50s. Similar to the Three Musketeers, always sword-fighting and flirting with the maidens. (The King’s favorite knight)

Princess Amari – Female, ages 18 – 20’s. Shakespearean actress (or British accent similar to Harry Potter) between the ages 18-20’s (Classical Singer if possible)

Tyra – Female, age 12 to late teen. British accent, maiden.

Ruth – Female, ages 20s to 40s. British accent, maiden.

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