Casting: Omaha, Nebraska

Davi & The Crew Studios is a new production company currently producing out of Omaha, Nebraska currently Casting Actors for a New Short Film!

The short film is called Reverie, it focuses on a young man who lives in idyllic bliss until strange occurrences start plaguing his life, as he starts finding answers he finds that some things are better left unfound.

This is a non-union and independent film production. The film will be around 30-40 minutes long, we are shooting from May 18, 2020 through June 15, 2020. June 16-22, 2020 will be a week of reshoots which may or may not be needed. We will also be entering many prominent film festivals. NOTE ALL TALENT MUST BE LOCATED IN OMAHA, NEBRASKA! Or at least at able to provide transportation from here and back.

We are casting the lead role love interest.

RAVEN ( AGE 17- 20s appearing)
She is new to town and senses that James has a crush. She has one goal to extract whatever information she needs from him, she uses many methods to do this some flirtatious and others more forward. Cunning but not so clever.

we are seeking individuals who want to be background characters. We have two opportunities for this.

Seeking young actors (AGE 17-20 appearing) (Male/Female) as PARTY GOERS
There is a scene where the main character attends a party that’s packed with guest.

Also seeking young actors (AGE 17-20 appearing) (Male/Female) as friends of main characters for park/picnic scene. These friends sit around and eat and joke and laugh with the main characters.

Prepare to email to schedule a time for auditions March 13, 2020 from 4-6 P.M.

Please note all castings are intended for Barbizon graduates registered with Barbizon Placement ONLY. Full casting and submission guidelines are emailed to the Barbizon Placement Division. Please send any casting inquiries to For more information about Barbizon visit