Casting: Nationwide

Sean Hetherington of Unscripted Casting is now casting non-union dancers age 13 to 100 who haven’t had their big break yet for a multi-episode streaming service from all3media, “Secret Dancer!” 


To be considered, you must be at least 13 years of age (subject to Terms & Conditions).

THE SHOW: In a brand-new competitive reality show for a major streaming platform, we will help you to break down barriers so you’ll be judged PURELY on your danceability.

We are looking for great dancers from all backgrounds and ALL DANCE STYLES who have not been given the chance to showcase their talents! We want to hear ALL your stories… 

THE CASTING: Perhaps you danced as a child but struggled with the confidence to perform as you got older, or perhaps you trained as a dancer but were forced to give it up when life got in the way. Maybe you’ve been made to feel that you don’t have the right “look” to be a dancer and so you’ve chosen a different career path. Whatever your circumstances, this show is your chance to be judged on dance alone.

If you are an amazing dancer and feel that you deserve your TIME TO SHINE!

CASTING NOTES: *Our contributors will have a range of different dance backgrounds, including experienced dancers who may have the expertise to teach, train, compete and perform at the highest level. They may have performed in a professional capacity previously but have not had the
success they dream of.
*We will also have talented “amateur”, competent and intermediate dancers. They are great characters who love to dance but have never pursued dance professionally. E.g. Self-taught dancers with no formal training/ learned from YouTube/ attend dance class on a weekly basis.

Please note all castings are intended for Barbizon graduates registered with Barbizon Placement ONLY. Full casting and submission guidelines are emailed to the Barbizon Placement Division. Please send any casting inquiries to For more information about Barbizon visit