Casting: San Marcos, Texas

Big Arbor Entertainment Casting Call for Independent Short-Film “The Reckoning!”

  • Project Type: Independent Short
  • Production Company / Studio: Big Arbor Entertainment
  • Location: Ellinger, and San Marcos
  • Start Date: Thursday, July 16, 2020
  • Shooting Schedule: 5 days
  • Wrap Date: Monday, July 20, 2020
  • Producer(s): Stevie Marie & Nick Champagne
  • Director: Nick Champagne
  • Writer(s): Stevie Marie
  • Casting Director: Stevie Marie

Via Big Arbor Entertainment:

Synopsis: The Reckoning is an interactive thriller about a vlogger who takes the weekend at a secluded bed and breakfast. Choices made throughout his time spent there will determine his fate.

Special Note: ALL TALENT must be over the age of 18 and must be available for shooting in Ellinger, Texas for 5 days (except KATE 1 day). This film may contain language / images implying the use of drugs, sacrifice, cannibalism, and witchcraft. There will possibly be use of fake blood, bonfires, weapons (no firearms), and smoke machines.

Will Price:  Lead – Male age range 18-30 to play Mid-20’s. Any Ethnicity, average build. Unkempt man in his twenties dealing with social media addiction and immersed in party culture. Confident in his following, puts on a character for the camera, often glamorizing his life. Must be comfortable speaking a few phrases in Latin.

Kate: Minor – Female age range 18-30 to play Mid-20’s. Any Ethnicity.
Bubbly and caring childhood best friend who genuinely wants what’s best for Will. Works in Marketing, goofy but smart.

Josephine “Jo” Calloway: Major Supporting – Female age range 25-50. Any Ethnicity. Quiet, artistic, composed, and somewhat motherly ethereal woman. Owns a self-sustained bed and breakfast on her large private property. Second in command to Amos in a secret Coven that lives hidden on her land. Must be comfortable speaking a few phrases in Latin.

Karl North: Minor – Male age range 20-40. Any Ethnicity.
Seemingly energetic and positive but secretly has a murderous side. Married to Jenny and trying to keep her from leaving by taking her on a retreat to Jo’s bed and breakfast. Secretly trying to join the Coven.

Jenny North:  Minor – Female age range 20-40. Any Ethnicity. 
Closed off and uptight. Married to Karl but wants a divorce.

Amos:  – Supporting – Male age range 30-50. Any Ethnicity. 
Leader of the Coven. Strong presence. Mysterious and composed. Close relationship with Jo and attempts to bond with Will. Must be comfortable speaking a few phrases in Latin.

Coven Members:  Ensemble – Any gender age range18-50. Any Ethnicity.
Mysterious coven who resides on Jo’s land. Used to populate the surrounding area until a witch hunt forced them to go into hiding. Apples are the central theme for this group – representing immortality and fertility. Must be comfortable speaking a few phrases in Latin.

Shoot/Dates: Ellinger, Texas. 5 days mid-July 2020 (ALL, except KATE 1 day). San Marcos, Texas. 1 day mid-July 2020 (WILL & KATE).

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