Casting: Houston, Texas

Next Actor Films Casting Call for the TV Pilot “Recast” shooting in Houston, Texas!

Location: Houston

Start Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020

Shooting Schedule: 5 days

Wrap Date: Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pay Status: Paid


  • Fabi – 25 to 30 years old, Caucasian. Recurring character. Fabi is an aspiring actress who is a little loopy, and very gullible. She works as a barista, and offers most of her favorite clients free drinks, much to the annoyance of the owner of the cafe.
  • Acting Coach – 40 to 65 years old, Black/African American, Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity, Native American Indian male or female. Recurring character. Acting Coach is a very serious, yet flamboyant and patient person, who witnesses several dreamers in his/her acting class, and has to put up with each one’s personal choices in acting, without being judgmental or harsh.
  • Oleander – 40 to 60 years old, African, Black/African American female. Recurring character. Oleander is a hardworking owner of a cafe where Fabi works, and many screenwriters and actors gather everyday to share their dreams. She is a very pleasant but serious person.
  • Tito – 30 to 45 years old. Open ethnicity. Headshot Photographer who is a germophobe, but has to allow clients inside his studio, to keep his shop open.
  • Man in Black – 35 to 55 years old, Mediterranean, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, West Indies/Caribbean, Eastern European male. The Man works for a druglord, and is supposed to deliver a package to its destination. However he gets into the wrong uber, and misses his appointment.
  • Reporter – Any age, any ethnicity; movie reporter interviewing the stars of the night.
  • Star Assistant – 40 – 50s, Short and chubby.
  • A loyal assistant to the star of the film Sir Peter Gables (Oscar nominee Eric Roberts), who does all the talking for him.
  • Lead Actress – 20s – 30s, Ethnic beauty, who is making her debut with Sir Peter Gables but things go awry on set. Must know how to dance Bollywood style.
  • Director -35 – 55, any ethnicity.
  • Assistant Director – Any age, any ethnicity.
  • Casting Director – Any age, any ethnicity.
  • Casting Associate – 20s – 30s, any ethnicity.

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