Casting: Baltimore, Maryland

Comedic TV Pilot “High Stakes” Auditions in Baltimore, Maryland!

Two complete strangers, Samantha an interning physiologist and David, a middle school Spanish teacher, find their lives intertwined when they spontaneously move in together after realizing their common interest and financial struggles . Watch as they balance careers they hate, money issues and the new age dating scene, all while being platonic roommates.

CHARACTERS (age is “appearance” does not have to be actual age)

MEREDITH NGUYEN (supporting)
-East Asian Descent
-Miss Meredith Nguyen, the stylish, is the carefree best friend of Sam. She is shallow and judgmental in the sweetest way possible. Coming from wealth, to the naked eye it looks like she only works with Sam out of boredom but we discover to insure her parent’s inheritance she must jump through some unusual hoops.

CHRIS BOWMAN (supporting)
– Christopher Bowman is the main bartender at Chinos Pizzeria and also David’s best friend. He is the intuitive, nerdy yet cool advisor for all of David’s irrational decisions. He is not the best bartender but tries to use his intellect to impress people including Meredith, Sam’s best friend.

-Hispanic Descent
-Before she is seen she is heard! Meet Ms. Sophie, David’s 6th grade, ‘know-it-all’ Dominican student in his Spanish class, who makes i very known that her Spanish is better than his. Sophie is a recurring character throughout the series. She is probably the only student that does her work (plus more). Lets just call her the thorn in David’s side. And she’s proud of it!

-Any ethnicity
MR.GREENS. Mr. Greens is one of Sam’s most interesting clients to say the least. The tragic loss of his pet dog has sent him on a comical downward spiral, so much so that he carries his taxidermy dog on a leash throughout the city of Chicago and swear that she is well trained, “sit Aretha sit!”

-Any Ethnicity
-And then there was “Mr. Richardson I mean, Daniels”, whose name Sam will never get right, because instead of paying attention to her flamboyant, wealthy recently divorced client, talk about how he doesn’t understand why his wife left him, she’s on tinder. Hopefully one of these days she will put the phone down and assist Mr. Daniels in accepting who he TRULY is.

– 30’s
African American
Oh boy, here comes “date Guy”! “date Guy” who remains unnamed is Sam’s initial tinder date. He’s obnoxious and sloppy.

– 20’s-30’s
Any ethnicity
Mya is David’s date who seems to be missing a few marbles. She’s cute and bubbly as long as she keeps her mouth shut holding a conversation with her is not your best move.

Tentative shooting dates are November 1st-10th. Most Supporting characters will only be needed for 2-3 of those days. We will be primarily shooting in Baltimore with two days shooting in Philadelphia. Supporting actors (Meredith, Chris, Date Guy and Mya) will be shooting in Philadelphia. Actors traveling to Philadelphia will have lodging and travel expenses covered in addition to their pay rate.

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