Casting: Dallas, Texas

MyLotusMat Casting Actors In Dallas For Social Media Videos!

Here at MyLotusMat we are the leading company in our industry in the Dallas area. We are hiring an experienced Actor to help us keep growing. If you’re dedicated and ambitious, MyLotusMat is an excellent place to grow your career. Don’t hesitate to apply.

* Memorize and deliver script lines as necessary
* Work collaboratively with other actors to perform scenes
* Provide feedback and insight into the performance of a role
* Practice lines and scenes both independently and collaboratively
* Offer suggestions to directors regarding roles, scenes, and lines
* Make necessary adjustments to acting as requested by
* Arrange schedule to arrive on set when required
* Travel to various different set locations for recording, as needed

* Dedication to growing your skillset
* Ability to memorize and deliver lines on cue
* Openness to taking direction from directors and others
* Capable of taking, processing, and utilizing critical feedback
* Willingness to grow into a role and learn new ways to perform
* Extremely flexible and able to work within high-pressure and high-stress environments
* Can easily adapt to new situations

We are looking to hire several diverse female and male actors to be in a bigger budget social media ad that will help demonstrate how to use MyLotusMat!

Please note all castings are intended for Barbizon graduates registered with Barbizon Placement ONLY. Full casting and submission guidelines are emailed to the Barbizon Placement Division. Please send any casting inquiries to For more information about Barbizon visit