Casting: Virginia / Washington DC

Auditions for “From the Ash Baxter Files: The Search For the Stolen Spyglass” in Virginia / DC Area!

Auditions for Drive Thru Drama

The Alden presents “Drive-Thru Drama,” a new model of theater (as far as we know!) in a COVID-19 world. “Drive-Thru Drama” is a social-distance theater format that brings people together for live theater from the comfort of their own cars. Actors will perform one, cohesive story through short scenes placed across the MCC parking lot. Audience members will simply roll down their windows and drive the route from actor to actor.

“From the Ash Baxter Files: The Search for the Stolen Spyglass” written by Andrew Scott Zimmer, commissioned by The Alden.
• Description: Somebody has snatched Mr. Dimwizzle’s priceless spyglass! And now Ash Baxter, the super sleuth of Dakota Riddle High School, needs your help to whittle down the suspect list in the (optionally) interactive world premiere play.

The performances are Friday- Sunday, Sept. 11-13, 18-20 and 25-27 from 4-7 p.m. 

A limited number of timed tickets will be available through The Alden’s webpage. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Actors ages 14+ are eligible to audition.

Actors must email the link to their audition video and submit the casting form by midnight, Tuesday, Aug. 18. Call Backs will be on Thursday, Aug. 20, over Zoom. All actors invited to Call Backs will receive advance notice of the time that they will be called.

• “From the Ash Baxter Files: The Search For the Stolen Spyglass” is an interactive piece of theater.
• All performers should be comfortable with improvisation.
• Although many of the characters are high school students, performers of any age are encouraged to apply for any role.

The Students of Dakota Riddle High School, all of whom can be played by a performer of any gender or ethnicity:

Ash Baxter** (Any gender/ethnicity) – A master of deductive reasoning, a junior detective who can get to the bottom of any mystery using wit, charm, and perhaps a little help from the audience. **Due to the staging requirements of the show, 10 performers will be cast as Ash Baxter.

Robin “Shifty” Magee (Any gender/ethnicity) – Ash’s mysterious best friend, a whiz with recon and surveillance, though largely preferring to remain in the shadows.

Casey Pinerider (Any gender/ethnicity) – A self-described star athlete, apparently fresh from a heroic triumph on the diamond.

Pip Bishop (Any gender/ethnicity) – A seemingly mild-mannered member of the Chess Club who may be hiding a fierce competitive edge!

Parker “Louie” Barker – (Any gender/ethnicity) – The no-nonsense First Lieutenant (“Louie”) of the JROTC corps at Riddle High, lover of order and procedure.

The Faculty of Dakota Riddle High School—

Bailey “Sudsy” Bucket  (Male adult, any ethnicity) – Jovial janitor who takes great pride in his work. Where Sudsy lacks knowledge, he makes it up with heart.

Miss Sweetlesson (Female adult, any ethnicity) – An English teacher, very proper, who no one could ever reasonably expect to be a thief!

Mr. Dimwizzle (Male adult, any ethnicity)*** – Ash’s beloved, if hapless, history teacher, who also runs the Gumshoe Club, which Ash aspires to lead one day. ***Due to the staging requirements of the show, three performers will be cast as Mr. Dimwizzle.

• Reasonable safety precautions that adhere to the CDC and Health Department guidelines include:
          o The driving route will be set up so that actors are a minimum of six feet away from cars and each other at all times.
          o Actors will be provided a face shield which they must wear at all times. All audience members are asked to wear a mask.
          o Actors will provide their own costumes, set and props so that they are the only ones touching their items.
          o For traffic safety, the route will be drawn on the ground and stop signs will be placed at appropriate viewing spots.
          o Other precautions may be taken if recommended by the CDC or the Health Department.

Please note all castings are intended for Barbizon graduates registered with Barbizon Placement ONLY. Full casting and submission guidelines are emailed to the Barbizon Placement Division. Please send any casting inquiries to For more information about Barbizon visit