Casting: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Feature Film DOTTY AND SOUL is Casting Extras in Oklahoma City!

A number of extras are needed to appear soon in the feature film comedy DOTTY & SOUL as it resumes filming in Oklahoma City.  DOTTY & SOUL was near completion in March when it was forced to shut down during the outbreak of COVID-19.

The film is a comedy about flamboyant entrepreneur Ethan Cox, who is caught in a racially inappropriate video that immediately goes viral. His hopes of being the man in charge of delivering a self-driving car to the public seem destined to blow up in his face. So he hires his aging mother’s 71 year old caretaker, African-American DOTTY, to be the temporary replacement CEO of his company, until the public furor dies down.

The film is written and directed by Adam Saunders, and is produced by Saunders and Avril Z. Speaks.  It stars Saunders as Ethan and legendary actress Leslie Uggams (DEADPOOL, EMPIRE, ROOTS) as Dotty.  The film also stars David Koechner (THE OFFICE, ANCHORMAN) and Alexis Ren (DANCING WITH THE STARS, DEPORTED).


Please do not submit for this role if you are not close to the specs below or are not available both days. Keep in mind, age is appearance not actual age.

COVID-19 precautions will be taken on set.


[HISPANIC MEN] – Hispanic or ethnically ambiguous Males 22-40’s, to depict a tough neighborhood street gang. The guys should have a rougher look.


[BUS RIDERS] – People of diverse race or ethnicities. Male or Female, aged 20-80
[MOM & TODDLER] – A Caucasian mom with her own Caucasian male toddler,  5 years old or younger. The toddler needs to have dark hair. 
[CONSTRUCTION WORKER] – Males, any ethnicity, aged 30-50
[EMS]  Male of female. Preferably someone with their own uniform and equipment
[EMT]  Male of female. Preferably someone with their own uniform and equipment

[IRS AGENT]- Male 30-60, any ethnicity.

[SHOPPERS] – Male and Female, 20-75. High end shoppers. Upper class neighborhood looks. Think Beverly Hills types.

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