Casting: Washington DC

Auditions for Lead and Supporting Roles for the Feature Film “The Christmas Lottery” in DC!



Gerald Davenport has requested his three estranged daughters Darlene, Nicole, and Tammy come together for Christmas for a big announcement… He has won a $10-million-dollar lottery! To get their share, the sisters must repair their broken relationship. But when their dementia stricken mother, Diane, forgets where she hid the ticket, the Davenport’s are now in a race to find the ticket and fix their family all before Christmas Day.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN (age is appearance not exact)

(Principal) NICOLE DAVENPORT Female Late 20’s; An attractive businesswoman, and the middle child of Gerald and Diane. She is used to getting what she wants until she is laid off from her posh Wall Street job just before Christmas. She comes running home after 3 years upon learning her father won the $10 million Christmas lottery.

(Principal) TAMMY DAVENPORT Female Mid 20s. A natural beauty and an aspiring singer. The free-spirited, struggling artist is the youngest child of Gerald and Darlene. Broke and evicted, she runs home with her live-in boyfriend, Spyder, in tow after learning from Gerald that he won the Christmas lottery. (Singer preferred but not a must)

(Principal) DIANE DAVENPORT Female 60’s The beautiful matriarch of the Davenport family and the wife of Gerald. Is suffering from dementia but is thrilled to have her girls back home. She is the family’s soft spot; they cherish the moments they have with her while she’s still herself before the sickness takes over.

(Principal) BELINDA DAVENPORT-CASTILLE Female 30’s Beautiful, Mexican. The wife of Darlene and an amazing baker. She works at the diner and helps Darlene and Gerald take care of Diane. The family has allowed her to add a few of her specialties to the menu and they have come to be customer favorites, especially her cakes. After being ostracized from her family for marrying Darlene, she now considers the Davenports her family and they have embraced her as such.

(Supporting) SPYDER Male Late 20s
Free-spirited, hippy type with heavily tattooed arms. Tammy’s live-in boyfriend. Pushes his nonconforming, vegan lifestyle onto Tammy. He is more interested in the prize money than Tammy is. (Comedic timing a must.)

(Supporting) TYSON BRADLEY Male 30s
The handsome ex-boyfriend of Nicole. The basketball coach at Texas State University.

(Dayplayer) SANTA/ANDRE Male Mid 20s.
The handsome local fireman who volunteers to be Santa Clause for the neighborhood block party. He meets Tammy one night at the block party in his Santa uniform after Diane insist that Tammy, Darlene and Nicole take a picture with Santa like they did when they were kids. Andre takes the opportunity to suggestively yet playfully flirt with Tammy. (Comedic timing a must).

(Dayplayer) CHERRY REYNOLDS Female 20s. The attractive, full of energy girlfriend of Tyson. She is the head cheerleading coach at Texas State University, where Tyson coach’s basketball. Everything she does is just a bit over the top like dressing herself, Tyson and her dog in matching outfits for their Christmas card photo shoot. (Comedic timing a must)

(Dayplayer) GUSTAVO CASTILLE Male 50s-60s Mexican. Belinda Castille-Davenport’s estranged father.

(Dayplayer) MARIA CASTILLE Female 50s-60s Mexican. Belinda Castille-Davenport’s estranged mother.

(Dayplayer) DAN Male 30s
Asian. Nicole Davenport’s co-worker


Shooting will begin in the Washington DC area on September 1st and will continue throughout the month of September.


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