Alabama Department of Tourism’s “Sweet Home Alabama” Visitors Guide- Casting Local Models

Alabama Department of Tourism’s “Sweet Home Alabama” visitors guide, a glossy magazine published annually that highlight’s the state’s most picturesque and noteworthy locations. 

We need models for this photo shoot on Thursday, July 8, for about 2 hours or 2.5 hours.

We will likely begin the shoot about 4 p.m., *when the lighting is best.

The photos would show the family walking on the National Park’s trails and stopping to view the park’s overlooks.

They will need to be dressed for:

a day of walking/hiking, with appropriate hiking shoes (boots or Tevas or something like that),

possible pair of binoculars and/or a day hiking pack/water bottle.

We are looking for a family, hopefully two adults and two middle-school or elementary-school age children, or young teenagers.

Families with 3-4 members accepted/ preferred!

We would really like to showcase diversity- PLEASE ALL ETHNICITIES APPLY!

Please note all castings are intended for Barbizon graduates registered with Barbizon Placement ONLY. Full casting and submission guidelines are emailed to the Barbizon Placement Division. Please send any casting inquiries to For more information about Barbizon visit