DEADLAND Feature Film

Date(s): ASAP (In person in Norman OK and on self tape)

Callback Date(s): TBD Start Date: 09/27/2021 (6 weeks)

Location: Frederick, OK

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA

Producer: Elizabeth A., Tara P., Rana Joy G., Lance L. , Jas S.

Director: Lance L.

Writer: David E., Lance L. Jas S.

Casting Director: Chris FreihoferCasting

Associates: Jenn R., Tori H. Audition

Rate of Pay: SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Scale (PAID SET RATE/day +10%)

All roles local hire. Hotel and travel stipend offered to actors within 500 miles.


In the dead of night, a haunting apparition walks the harsh plains of the South Texas desert… or is it a man? Border agent Angel Waters is called in to investigate what appears to be just another illegal border crossing, but what should be a routine apprehension quickly turns into Angel’s worst nightmare. The migrant is half dead. He struggles to speak, “Por favor. El Paso.” Angel takes the migrant to the detention center, but in a tragic twist of fate the migrant is killed.Due to circumstances beyond his control, Angel and his fellow border agents are forced to bury the body in the desert. They swear an oath of silence to one another, but the migrant refuses to stay silent. Days later, Angel is on patrol in the desert when he encounters the same haunting apparition waiting for him…. The dead migrant who Angel buried. This time the migrant won’t be denied his final request, “Por favor. El Paso.”


[FELIX NAVARRO] 50 to 65 years old, Latinx male. Navarro is a Deputy Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Navarro is very observant and only takes action when needed. He likes to assess the situation before diving in. Calculated. Doesn’t make a move unless he knows it’s the right one when he’s on the clock. When he’s not on the job, he’s a bit more relaxed. Bilingual preferred. SUPPORTING

[LUIS] 8 to 15 years old, Black Latinx. Is caught driving an old Toyota Sunrader RV. He is cocky and is not afraid to stand up to authority. He is only looking out for himself and will do anything including striking up a deal with Border Patrol to ensure his safety. Bilingual preferred. Acting experience preferred but not necessary. 1 Scene. 5 Lines.

[OYSTER] 8 to 15 years old, Latinx male. Timid and scared. He doesn’t have a lot of options in life and is forced to do things that are very dangerous and illegal to keep himself alive. He is too young and innocent to be just surviving, but that’s his reality. Bilingual preferred. Acting experience preferred but not necessary. 3 Scenes. 6 lines.

[OYSTER’S AUNT] 30 to 35 years old, Latinx female. Has to pretend to be Oyster’s mom in order for Oyster to not get in trouble with Border Patrol. Bilingual preferred. 1 Scene, 1 line.

[ICE DRIVER] 40 to 50 years old, white male. He tries keep everyone calm so the ICE agent can accomplish his task in finding Ignacio Coronado. Has a very kind and soothing demeanor. He knows his job is high risk and must remain calm at all times. 3 Scenes, 5 lines.

[ICE PASSENGER/MITCH] 35 to 55 years old, white male. Kind and compassionate. He wants to do the right things but knows his job has a lot of grey area. Sometimes his kindness is mistaken for something else, but he really does mean well. He is in search of Ignacio Coronado. 4 Scenes. 11 Lines.

[YOUNG CHARLIE HOBBS] 28 to 38 years old, white male. Younger Version of Charlie. Investigating the border with Felix. They discover an immigrant who is on the verge of dying. No scripted lines. All improv. 1 Scene.

[YOUNG FELIX NAVARRO] 25 to 35 years old, Latinx male. Younger Version of Felix. Investigating the border with Charlie. They discover an immigrant who is on the verge of dying. 1 Scene. No lines. Improv.



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