Feature Film
Grindstone Entertainment Group – A Lionsgate Company
SAG-AFTRA Modified Low Budget


[DR VANHOOK] 35 – 65  Male, gleefully evil, wonderfully mad, a self-centered, pompous, condescending villain with big dreams, Dr Vanhook has just escaped from prison (for tax fraud or insanity), along with his sidekick Dobbins, and makes his way back to his mansion and his “most incredible invention that ever walked the planet:” a bionic dog. Vanhook has built his “R.A.D.A.R. ” (Remote Activated Doubloon Acquiring Rex) dog  to track down doubloons–Spanish gold–from the treasure-ridden coast of Florida. Though the dog has tons of gadgetry and some high tech innovations–for example, he communicates by text–Dr. Vanhook doesn’t realize that the dog also has emotions and a moral compass, which prompts the dog to befriend and help out 10 11 year old Gabe. When Vanhook learns that the dog has helped Gabe discover the legendary pirate treasure the Sapphire of Savoy, Vanhook does everything in his power to get the dog, and the jewel, back from Gabe and the town that really needs it…LEAD – Must Work as Florida Local Hire

[DOBBINS] Male, 30 – 45 not the sharpest tool in the shed, a follower not a leader, with a certain goofy sweetness despite being an uncoordincated uncoordinated criminal, Dobbins is the long-suffering sidekick of the brilliant, mad, Dr. Vanhoook, who treats him really, really badly. Having broken out of prison with Dr. Vanhook, Dobbins is at his side when he re-animates his most brilliant creation: a bionic dog that he’s programmed to hunt for doubloons (Spanish gold) off the coast of Florida. Dobbins lacks Vanhook’s passion and cleverness, and he’s not the most on-the-ball sidekick, but he stays with Vanhook through thick and thin–even though it probably will send him right back to prison..LEAD – Must Work as Florida Local Hire

[GABE] Male, plays 9 – 11 years old, bright, likable, a good kid, Gabe lives with his widowed mom in the tiny, boring town of Seaside, Florida; his dad was killed in Afghanistan and his mom now runs the town diner. Gabe is bored to death in his town but he has one best friend–his next door neighbor, 11 year old Kiley Kylie–and when his mom thinks it might be time they moved on to a better town, he’s very upset. Gabe knows that there’s an old family legend that says his great-great grandfather bought their land because there’s pirate treasure beneath it, notably the priceless Sapphire of Savvoy. When Gabe and Kiley try to find the Sapphire, they’re helped out by a stray dog, Radar, who, they come to realize, has amazing powers–and who does in fact find the Sapphire for them. However, as Kiley Kylie points out, whoever invented the bionic dog will probably want him back, and Gabe and Kiley Kylie find themselves in danger from the bad guys who not only want Radar but the Sapphire itself. Gabe proves to be resourceful, courageous and energetic as he, Kiley Kylie and Radar get the better of the bad guys, keeping Radar for himself and the Sapphire for the town museum…LEAD – Must Work as Florida Local Hire

[KYLIE] Female, plays 9 – 11 years old, bright, observant, likable, a good kid, Kylie lives next door to her best friend, Gabe, and the two of them face yet another boring summer in their tiny town of Seaside, Florida. When Kylie hears that Gabe’s mom might move them away because the town is so broke, she helps Gabe out with his plan to find the old pirate treasure allegedly buried beneath his family’s land, and to her surprise, they do find the legendary Sapphire of Savoy–aided by an amazing stray dog who turns out to be bionic. While Kylie’s thrilled that the Sapphire will probably save the town and Gabe’s family, she has to point out that whoever created Radar, the bionic dog, will probably be looking for him–and she’s right. Kylie and Gabe find themselves fighting to two bad guys who not only want Radar, but the Sapphire as well, and Kylie, like Gabe, proves to be courageous, resourceful and tireless in her efforts to help her friend…LEAD – Must Work as Florida Local Hire

[JOE RAMEY]  Male, 30s – 40s, handsome, smart, responsible, a good guy, Joe is the new chief of police in the tiny town of Seaside, Florida. He used to be a cop in Miami, but when his desire to be a hero landed his partner in the hospital, he turned down the attendant medal and promotion and decided to go to where the job was quieter and he’d have no cause to be a hero again. Joe meets Debbie, the widowed diner owner/cook, when her son Gabe and friend discover a legendary pirate treasure, the Sapphire of Savoy, and he’s instantly smitten. He and Debbie go out for a date and it goes very well, until it’s interrupted by the discovery that two bad guys who have escaped from prison are after Gabe for not only the Sapphire of Savoy, but the bionic dog that helped him find it. Joe proves to be good at his job, fast-thinking, courageous and resourceful, and he gets the situation in hand…LEAD – Please submit Star Names Also

[ETHEL] Female, 60 – 80, outspoken, feisty, Ethel is the receptionist/secretary/dispatcher at the police station in the tiny town of Seaside, Florida. Initially unimpressed with the new young police chief Joe Ramey (“I have girdles older than him”), Ethel may be getting on in years, but she’s sharp as a tack and knows what’s going on, even if her latest piece of technology is a fax machine. The mother of five wild sons who can take what anyone dishes out, Ethel agrees to babysit for Gabe and Kylie so Gabe’s mom and Joe can go out on a date, and she teaches them how to play poker–and wins every hand…LEAD – Must Work as Florida Local Hire

[ARTIE]  Male, 35 – 60s, intelligent, kind, Artie runs the Pirate Museum in the tiny town of Seaside, Florida. It used to be a real tourist attraction decades ago, but it’s gotten sad and run-down of late. Artie takes pride in his museum and would love to change the displays, but artifacts cost money, which they don’t have. However, things for Artie and the town change when Gabe brings him a real sapphire that might just be the legendary Sapphire of Savoy…2 speeches & 5 lines, 2 scenes (28) – Must Work as Florida Local Hire




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