*AUDITION NOTICE*- Open Casting Call for “Fear The Walking Dead” in Savannah, GA- ADULTS/ KIDS AGE 10+

Audition for a small role on Fear The Walking Dead.

Are you a fan of TWD series of shows?  If so, here is a chance for folks who live in and around the Savannah, GA area to literally get in the act. The AMC series is in production of the new season and is holding an open casting call for paid extras.

The Walking Dead spinoff is now in production of the newest season in Georgia and extras casting director, Bill M. will be holding an open casting call for folks who live in the Savannah area and would love to score a small, non speaking role in an upcoming episode of the hit show “Fear The Walking Dead.”

The casting director says that there is no need to bring any photos as the casting team will be there in person and will be taking pictures on site. 

No experience is required and in order to be considered, you must live in the general area as travel expenses are not paid for extras roles.

The spinoff series of TWD premiered in 2015 and the new season of the show will premiere this fall of 2022.

About the show:
A sign of the apocalypse has begun. Reports of a rapidly changing world for unknown reasons underscore this gritty drama, a prequel to AMC’s uber-popular “Walking Dead.” The story is told through the lens of high school guidance counsellor Madison Clark. The widowed mother is raising two children single-handedly and maintains a relationship with English teacher Travis Manawa, her apocalyptic partner. The challenge of blending their families is exacerbated by unforeseen chaos, and a necessary survival of the fittest takes hold.

Open Casting Call —-Saturday– June 25th :
*Fear the walking dead
*Pax & Cave Dweller reshoots

Hours: 11 am – 3 pm
*First come first serve for photos*

Limited parking – you will be directed where to park and enter the building by ” Queues” as a group of people- so we are spaced out-first come first serve We will be taking photos of you and will need the best looks possible -so arrive groomed and ready for your close-up! Casual is fine
Parents, you must create a profile ONLINE FOR MINORS BEFORE ARRIVING , IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE ALREADY, and create a unique email for your child with the profile you have control over !

Children under 10 not permitted- To attend in person, however profiles for minors under 10 can be created online.

We are seeking new faces- Adults/ Kids and parents who have children over the age of 10.




2 RECENT PHOTOS- headshot/ full length


DEADLINE 6/24/2022 @ 12pm – *NO EXCEPTIONS

Please note all castings are intended for Barbizon graduates registered with Barbizon Placement ONLY. Full casting and submission guidelines are emailed to the Barbizon Placement Division. Please send any casting inquiries to Placement@barbizonusa.com. For more information about Barbizon visit https://www.barbizonmodeling.com.