Casting: Nashville, Tennessee


Top Talent Management Casting Call for actors in Nashville / Franklin, Tennessee area for new National Geographic project, Evolve!

Project Synopsis: 5-time Emmy Award winning Production Company Evolve Studio is co-producing National Geographic’s new Episodic TV Series: The Story of God. Hosted by Morgan Freeman, this series explores the great mysteries and encounters that people have had with a Higher Power. Spanning from 1st to 21st Century, Evolve will produce recreations from across history, capturing cinematic visualizations of powerful and inspirational stories.

Shoot Dates: Jan 14-28, 2019

Talent Requirements: Non-union, non-speaking roles / re-enactments. $100/day

Especially Seeking the below Specific Roles:

Peasant Girl ($150/day)

– Age 14 (give or take)

– French, dark hair, tan

– severely asthmatic, has vision, follows instructions to dig a well and townspeople think she’s crazy, cured

– likely filming in woods/cave on Jan 28th


Vesuvius Child

– Young, age 4-7, boy or girl (no specific look to match)

– Italian, brown hair

– clinging to mom/dad as volcano erupts outside, huddles with them as they’re covered in ash (vfx)

– would LOVE to cast a child with at least 1 parent (or family, if available)

– likely filming in studio Jan 18th

Indian Boy

– Age 11 (give or take)

– boy survives on his own in the jungle

– wearing loin cloth

– likely filming Jan 15th


Indian Teen

– Age 17 (can be up to 20yr)

– survivor, fearless, sleeps with tiger at his feet (vfx)

– wearing loin cloth (fit and lean, but not body builder like tarzan)

– will look like older version of boy

– likely filming Jan 15th

Ethiopian Emperor

– 38yo male, Brown skin, African but close to India, short facial hair

– coronation scene

– likely filming in studio on Jan 18th


Native American Man

– 18yo male (age 18-21, minor would be ok)

– long black hair that can be braided

– overcoming troubled youth, sleep deprivation leads to trippy vision

– likely filming in woods on Jan 25th


Greying Man – Epilepsy

– caucasian male, age 25-40, thick hair but just beginning to grey

– trippy experience while laying in hospital bed

– likely filming in hospital on Jan 22nd


Greying Man – Exorcism ($150/day)

– caucasian male, age 35-50, average looking, hair just beginning to grey

– jogging and walking, modern-day exorcism

– likely filming on Jan 24th AND Jan 27th


Pizza Delivery Boy

– Middle Eastern, Male, 20s, short facial hair

– delivers pizza, but is murdered when man opens the door, possible hate crime (father forgives murderer at trial)

– likely filming in apartment location on Jan 24th

There will be some other Indian roles for young adults, age 18-34, male and female.

To Submit: Send photo, contact info, resume / experience to In the subject write “National Geographic” and be sure to include you are from Barbizon in the body.

Casting: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



SHOOT DATE AND LOCATION : Jan 28, 2019 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

PAY : $5,000 for one day shoot

REQUIREMENTS : 35 to 55 years old, all ethnicities female.

Looking for professional host with experience in health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, and especially hair products. Submissions with shopping TV experience a PLUS. Candidate will HOST this infomercial featuring celebrity ambassador, co-creator of the brand, and hair models, to take us through the five piece system. Candidate should understand Calls To Action, and have GREAT NATURAL HAIR !

TO SUBMIT : Please send pic, phone, hosting reels, resume, all material related to hosting to

Casting: Savannah, Georgia

hulu casting call savannah georgia

HULU’s new series The Act is now casting new talent in Savannah, Georgia.

Cynthia Stillwell Casting is looking for new talent, all ages, to work on the new HULU series The Act. Producers are looking for people in the Savannah, Georgia area and willing to travel to Savannah. No costume fitting is necessary for these roles.

SEEKING SAVANNAH TALENT AVAILABLE ON 1/14 OR 1/16 for THE ACT ! BRAND NEW FACES, no one who has worked on the show so far. EXCITING SCENES!!

SHOOT LOCATION : Savannah, Georgia

SHOOT DATES : January 14th, 2018 and/or January 16th, 2018

PAY : $80/8.

TO SUBMIT : Email a pic of yourself (how you really look! no glamour shots!) with the following info to:


available all day on 1/14 in Savannah
available all day on 1/16 in Savannah


Last name, first name
cell number
Email address
Car info (year/color/make/model)
Height and sizes

Casting: Atlanta, Georgia

kids casting calls atlanta georgia

Casting Call for Females and Males, ages 11 – 17, for Background Extras in an Orphanage Scene Filming in Atlanta, Georgia!

REQUIREMENTS : Females and Males, ages 11 – 17, all ethnicities. For background extras in a orphanage scene.

Filming has already began. This scene is scheduled to shoot in the next couple of days.

TO SUBMIT : Please contact by email ASAP to In the subject write “Orphanage Scene.” Include you name, age, phone, and photo.

Casting: Miami, Florida


Discovery Crime Series Casting Call in Miami, Florida!


SHOOT DATES : Jan 13-17, 2019 must be avail all those days.

Actors must be able to swim for most roles, all roles that need this will be listed in character description. There will be several scenes that take place in the water (both pool and lake) for the lead male and female actors. Actor must feel comfortable on the water and in boats. Some actors will be in bathing suits, if so, that note will be mentioned in the character description. ages are approx, not exact.

TO SUBMIT : Email photos, resume, reels, etc along with phone to


Female, Caucasian, mid 20’s to mid 30’s, attractive with a slender/athletic frame. Rate: $182/12

Male, African American/mixed ethnicity mid 30s, very tall and athletic. Light brown skin, short hair/bald. Actor must be comfortable in a bathing suit/shirtless for some scenes, and being on a boat and comfortable swimming in the water and holding breathe for 15 seconds. Rate: $300/12

Female Caucasian, early to late 30’s, dark hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, attractive, slender to athletic frame. Actress must be comfortable appearing in bathing suit/bikini for some scenes and being on a boat and comfortable swimming in the water and holding breathe for 15 seconds. Rate: $300/12

Male, African American/mixed ethnicity mid 30s-40s, very tall and athletic/heavy build. Light brown skin, short hair/bald. Actor must be comfortable in a bathing suit/shirtless for some scenes, and being on a boat and comfortable swimming in the water and holding breathe for 15 seconds. Rate: $300/12

Male, Caucasian, mid to late 30’s – 40’s, tan skin and curly dark hair, athletic to slender build. Can speak English with a hint of a French Accent. Actor must be comfortable in a bathing suit/shirtless for some scenes, and being on a boat and comfortable swimming in the water and holding breathe for 15 seconds. Rate: $182/12

Male, African American mid 30’s to mid 40’s. Average build, friendly with a nice smile. Rate: $182/12

Female, Caucasian mid to late 50’s. Short hair, grey to salt an pepper.
Average build. Caring and motherly. Rate: $182/12

Male, any ethnicity, Mid to late 30’s – 40’s. Rate: $182/12

Male, any ethnicity, Mid to late 30’s- 40’s. Professionally groomed. Rate: $182/12

Male, any ethnicity, Mid to late 50’s. Professionally groomed. Rate: $182/12

Male, any ethnicity, Mid to late 30’s- 40’s. Professionally groomed. Rate: $182/12

Male, early 30’s to late 30’s- 40’s, an ethnicity, tall and athletic. Rate: $182/12

Casting: Lancaster, Massachusetts


Boston Casting Inc. Seeking Actors for New TV Series Filming in Lancaster, Massachusetts!

REQUIREMENTS : Males & Females. Ages 18-22. All ethnicities.

SHOOT DATE : Wednesday, December 12, 2018

SHOOT LOCATION : Lancaster, Massachusetts

TO SUBMIT : Email In the subject write “First and Last Name.” Include:

  1. Current photo
  2. Cell phone
  3. Availability on 12/12
  4. Age and date of birth