Casting: Roseland, New Jersey

wella hair models casting calls new jersey

Wella is looking for hair models for the “Wella Pro Collective w/ Alexandra Matiz” event in Roseland, New Jersey!

REQUIREMENTS : Seeking 3 female models; ages 20-30; any ethnicity. Models will need to be open to making a color change – the change can be subtle or more drastic, on trend hair color. Will depend on consultation. Models must have healthy hair and they cannot be a color correction. All 3 models will get their hair colored and styled – 1 model will also get a haircut, which will also depend on consultation.

Please note we are looking for a model open to the following:

  • Coloring – small to major transformation
  • Possible cut – 1 model will receive haircut
    • All is based on consultation to be had at the casting

A stylist will consult with each model before casting, discussing the needs of the event. If the model DOES NOT agree to the work to be done, the model WILL NOT be booked.

ATTIRE : Models must wear a black dress and heels. Models will be doing their own makeup at the venue, so they will be required to bring their makeup with them to the casting/event day.

DATE : Monday, March 4, 2018 at 8:00am SHARP!

LOCATION : Americana Salon, 12 Eisenhower Pkwy Roseland, NJ 07068

On-site contact: Christine Kelleher (P) 609-227-7939

Prep will take place on the day of the casting – same location.

Event will take place on the day of the casting/prep – same location.

Approx. 12:00pm until 2:00pm

*Models will stay until approx. 2:30pm to take pictures after the event

PAY : $250.00

YOU MUST RSVP TO ATTEND THE CASTING! Email with the subject “Wella NJ.” Include your full name, phone, and email.

Casting: New Orleans, Louisiana

central casting new orleans louisiana

Central Casting (Louisiana) “Queen of the South – Season 4” Filming Thursday 2/21 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Central Casting (Louisiana)

*** “Queen of the South – Season 4”

Filming Thursday 2/21 in New Orleans, LA ***

PAY : $94/10 hours + $25 auto bump (if applicable)

AGAVE WORKERS: Currently taking submissions for women who appear to be in their 20s – 60s and can portray Hispanic (18+,) to work as Agave Workers. Your scenes will be interior and exterior!

MAN WITH TRUCK: Currently taking submissions for a man who appears to be in his 60’s – 80’s and can portray Hispanic (18+,) to work as an Agave Worker WITH your old pickup truck. Please email YEAR/MAKE/MODEL and photos of your truck. Your scenes will be interior and exterior!

CONCERNED PARENTS: Currently taking submissions for men and women who appear to be in their 20s – 50s (18+, any portrayable ethnicity) to work as a Concerned Parents at their children’s boarding school. Your scenes will be exterior!

CORONERS: Currently taking submissions for men and women who appear to be in their 20s – 50s (18+, any portrayable ethnicity) to work as Coroners at a crime scene. Your scenes will be exterior!

If you fit the description and are available for the work date(s), please email the following to :
• CURRENT photo(s) of yourself and your vehicle
• Name and phone number
• Height, weight, and measurements
• Notate tattoos!
• Notate your category in the subject line!

1). You should be the only one in the photo.
2). Please face the camera.
3). Only clear and well-lit photos will be considered.
4). Absolutely NO filters!

Casting: Oviedo, Florida


Studio PBJ Casting Call for Feature Film Teaser “Race To Be King” in Oviedo, Florida!


SYNOPSIS: After capturing a wild horse, a young couple are off to the races to compete against an arch-rival to win the throne.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Voice-Over only. This is a  ‘proof of concept’ piece for a proposed feature film project. A good opportunity to work with an experienced Animation Director.

DIRECTOR: Barry Cook (Co-director of Disney’s Mulan)

ROLES (3):

  • ALL roles – Production is being done in both Mandarin and English language versions. Actors fluent in both languages is a plus but not required as we may use 2 different actors for the same role; one for English and the other for Mandarin. For Mandarin speakers, it is preferable for the actor to be of Chinese descent.

  • ALL Roles – ages 18 – 99.

  • ALL Roles have very few lines.

  1. Zhumu – Female. Smart, determined. Daughter of reigning tribal king.

  2. Jerue – Male. Mischievous, irreverent, bit of a trickster. Possesses magic staff. Interested in Zhumu.

  3. Dongzan – Male. Wise guy, cocky, arrogant, self-assured. God’s gift to women. Older cousin of Jerue by about 3 years. Interested in Zhumu.

PAY: $250 (for 2 hours)

CASTING DECISION DATE: February 17, 2019.

RECORDING DATE: Saturday, February 23, 2019.

RECORDING TIME: Approximately 2 hours.

FYI: Remote recording session is possible but not preferred.

LOCATION: Oviedo, FL (Central Florida area)


Voice Over audition can be emailed in any format as long as it doesn’t expire before February 17.

Request sides:

Casting: Houston, Sugar Lang, TX


Acid Test

  • Project Type: Independent Feature
  • Pay Status: Paid
  • Production Company / Studio: Acid Test Productions
  • Location: Houston, Sugar Land, TX
  • Start Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • Shooting Schedule: 21 days
  • Producer(s): Molly Vernon, Eddie Rodriguez, Jennifer Waldo
  • Director: Jennifer Waldo
  • Writer(s): Jennifer Waldo

Via Acid Test Productions, currently seeking the following cast:

Acid Test follows “Jenny” as she launches a rebellion against her family, fueled by Riot Grrrl punk music, crushes, and lsd.

Audition Dates:
In person – Saturday February 16th & 23rd @ 2811 Hayes Road, Houston
Or via tape submission.


Casting Breakdown:

  • Jack (40s) Caucasian  Jack is Jenny’s father. Undiagnosed bi-polar, he veers from being fun and charming and sweet to domineering, controlling, and frightening. A good-ole Southern boy from Texas, he used his intelligence to pursue a life of excellence, starting with an education at Harvard. Now he uses everything in his arsenal to support his wife and children, creating every opportunity that can give them the best life possible. As Jenny starts to go in her own (different) direction, he feels personally rejected and struggles to reconnect with her as her own individual person.
  • Drea (18) Open to all races/ethnicities – Drea is Jenny’s best friend and the reason why Jenny got into punk. A child of a single mom who works all the time to support her, Drea has had to raise herself and harden herself at a young age against the sometimes cruel realities of the world and abstains from all drugs and alcohol in order to remain sharp. As true adulthood looms, Drea is terrified to dream that she will be able to find anything better.
  • Owen (18) Caucasian – Owen is on his way to being Jenny’s boyfriend. Fun-loving, take-nothing-seriously, Owen skateboards through life on bring rich, charming, and smart enough to pass without studying. Hidden underneath that care-free attitude is a child who learned to mask his depression from his absent, high-society parents by taking any and all mind-altering substances and as he befriends Jenny, he takes her along for the ride. Bonus if you speak Spanish!
  • Kelly (18) African-American – Kelly is Jenny’s best friend at school. Smartt, driven, she excels at everything and has no time for playing around. In a world that treats her as if she didn’t have to work twice as hard to show she’s just as good as the rest of her peers, her realism isn’t a loss of hope but a spark that drives her to make the system work for her.
  • Mrs. Scattergood (30s) Open to all races/ethnicities – Jenny’s mentor and English teacher, Mrs. Scattergood shepherds Jenny through the college-application process and ensuing crisis when the plan for Harvard derails. As a woman with a physical disability, she shares her own journey with both parental and personal expectation and disappointment during the fraught teenage years.
  • Mrs. Walker (40s) Open to all races/ethnicities – Mrs. Walker is Drea’s mom, the opposite of Jenny’s stay-at-home, perfect homemaker wife. As a single mom, she struggles with the failures of not being able to be there for her children, working as an ER nurse with crazy hours, and the failures at work when problems are going on at home. Her son managed to graduate, just barely, and already has had run-ins with the law and is out of the house, so she needs Drea to keep it together and make something of herself.
  • Isabel (40s-60s) Latina/Hispanic – Isabel is Owen’s housekeeper, the only adult to love and care for him on a consistent daily basis. She does her best to provide the stability he needs converses with him in Spanish as she taught him growing up while maintaining a certain emotional distance the high-society family expects.
  • Michael (10) Latino/Hispanic – Michael is Jenny’s little brother. Quiet, prone to sickness, and lost amid the big personalities of his sister and dad, Michael does his best to remain clueless and happy. He loves playing video games, drawing, and is just getting to that annoying-brother stage.
  • Mr. Jewel (50s) Open to all races/ethnicities – Jenny’s history teacher who implores his students to vote in the upcoming Presidential election and challenges them to question the difference between change and progress. A born orator, he is as serious as he is inspirational.
  • Taxi Driver (40s-60s) Male – Caucasian – A small but critical role, the Taxi Driver is gruff and intimidating and rescues Jenny from one bad situation only to place her in another.

Adapted from an award-winning short film of the same name that’s currently in festivals, we are bringing back the fabulous Juliana DeStefano as Jenny and Mia Ruiz as her mom Camila. Learn more at

Submit resumes to:

Casting: Nashville, Tennessee

lisa lax agency open casting calls nashville tennessee

Lisa Lax Agency Open Call for Representation in Nashville, Tennessee!

REQUIREMENTS : Males and Females. All ages, ethnicities, heights, and sizes.

DATE & TIME : Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 11:15am

LOCATION : Skyway Studios, 3201 Dickerson Pike Nashville, TN 37207

BRING : Head shot and resume. Be prepared to do a commercial and/or monologue.

You MUST RSVP to to attend the open call. Include your full name, phone, and email. In the subject write “Lisa Lax Agency.”

Casting: Atlanta, Georgia

cl casting

CL Casting OUTSIDERS Seeking Joggers All Ethnicities / 20 and over Date: 2/22 Location: Candler Park Area in Atlanta, Georgia!

CL Casting

OUTSIDERS Seeking Joggers

Requirements: All Ethnicities / 20 and over

Date: 2/22

Location: Candler Park Area

Pay: $75/8 hr day

If you are available and fit the description then please email Include 3 pics (head, body and selfie holding a piece of paper with today’s date on it) age, ht, wt and all contact info.
Subject: JOGGER

Casting: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

the marvelous mrs maisel casting calls oklahoma

Friehofer Casting Seeking Ages 8 and Up for Extras for THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Audition Date(s): NONE (Booking from photos only)
Shoot Date(s): 1-2 days, week of March 18, 2019, weather dependent
Shoot Location: OKC, OK area

Rate of Pay: $125/day + $50/day for fittings


Submission Deadline: 02/15/2019

Additional Project Info:

Extras will be hired to appear in a scene in an upcoming episode of this multiple award-winning television series.

All of these roles are non-speaking background.
All persons submitting must be willing to attend 1-2 days of filming during the week of production, as well as 1-2 wardrobe fittings in the days leading up to filming. Travel and accommodations will not be provided.
[MEN] 18 to 80 years old, all ethnicities male. They will walk the streets of a small American town in the late 1950s. Please make sure size cards are filled out.
[WOMEN] 18 to 80 years old, all ethnicities female. They will walk the streets of a small American town in the late 1950s. Please make sure size cards are filled out.
[KIDS] 8 to 17 years old, all ethnicities male or female. They will walk the streets of a small American town in the late 1950s. Please make sure size cards are filled out and updated.
Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.
If you have an Oklahoma talent agent, please make them aware of your interest in the project and they will submit you on Casting Networks.
– Email a photo to the casting office. Please send one photo from the top of the head to the middle of the chest, and another photo that is full length from head to toe. Camera phone photos are fine. Do not send photos with additional people in them, or photos that are too far away.
– Please send a photo with parents if kids are also being submitted.
– Include all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and CITY/STATE of residence.
– Include all wardrobe sizes.  Men: Height, weight, Shirt (neck and sleeve), Jacket, Pants (waist and inseam) and hat size if you know it.  Women: Height, weight, dress size, measurements (bust, waist, hips), bra (size and cup), shoe and glove.
– Include age and DOB for all of those under the age of 18.
-Make the subject heading of your email MAISEL – (Name of Role)
-Send the email to (If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission WILL NOT BE SEEN)
-If you are selected to audition for the project, you will be contacted by email. Check emails regularly and allow the email address in your address book.